Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another milestone passed.

The image above is of the inside pocket of a jacket I recently bought, the feature indicated by the arrows represents the milestone I recently past.

It's not a good milestone, like getting my motorcycle licence or realising that holding the back of my head with one hand while I blow my nose with other is not necessary to stop my eyes from popping out. (The things parents tell their children.) I'll ask you the same question I asked myself when I saw it; what's that hole for then?

I'll admit I had no idea, when I found out I thought; 'oh no, I'm getting old'. But why worry about that, it's inevitable, its daft to worry about things you can't control right? Unfortunately it does mean something else; I'm Out Of Touch. You can be fourteen and OOT (I did ask one 14yo, he didn't know what it was for either.) Or like me, you can be in your mid-to-very (very) late 20's (ahem) and find; your finger isn't only no longer on the pulse, its no where near it any more. Where before you instinctively knew what an object was for because you existed on the same plane of existence, you find you've moved on to a different plane, its not that you don't know what an object is (in this case, its a hole in a pocket,) its that the purpose of it or what might employ it; is a mystery.

I think if given enough time, I would have figured out what the mystery hole was for, I first didn't think about it at all (its just a snow boarding jacket, for all that snow boarding I do,) when I did think about it, I thought it might be for a pen, after that? I thought no more of it because its just an inside pocket and contrary to what people who know me say, I have other important things to consider; like what wine I'll be drinking that night.

So I'm officially OOT, I'm a fuddy duddy, an oldie, a crustie, a bufty. I am no longer en vogue, avant garde or a la mode.

The thing is; are you? Can you honestly say you'd know what the hole is for? (Don't all rush at once, Blogger servers have crashed once before under the volume of comments this blog receives...)

Bonus points if you know what the smaller pocket on the actual pocket is for too, because as you know, having a pocket on a pocket is de rigueur these days isn't it?


  1. Erm,



    1. After I thought it was for a pen, I thought you could use it to hold sun glasses, stick a leg in...

      That wasn't right either.

  2. Ohhh no... I don't think it's big enough to stick your leg in it...

  3. Is it for your poppy on remembrance day?

  4. No.

    Oddly enough, humankind have had a solution to the problem this smaller hole at the top of a pocket solves by having a larger pre-existing hole, as in the one you use to put stuff in the pocket.

    Which is a bit ironic because, the item that would employ the smaller hole still requires the bigger hole in order to work as intended.

    I'm hung up on this hole, (so to speak.) Not instinctinvely knowing what it was is having more of an effect than I thought.

  5. I am concerned for you Pa.

    Perhaps you should try some "hole-istic" therapy...

  6. MP3 player pocket, the hole is to allow your headphones through.

  7. I know that now.

    But given that there is already a large hole in the top of the pocket, is it not somewhat redundant?

    I would've figured it out eventually... Probably....



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