Tuesday, 7 May 2013

500 Questions from Better Together.

So its 500 days till Scotland has a vote that actually counts for its future, since your vote at a Westminster election is worth something South of absolutely nothing at all. Finally we'll get the chance to change the status quo so when we do vote - we get the government we, not the rest of the UK, asked for.

Better Together have marked the occasion by publishing 500 question (pdf) which simply must be answered. Now, I've provided a link because I wouldn't want anyone to think I was making stuff up, the thing is; its utter nonsense. At best its an exercise in pure trollery - at worse? It's just a massive waste of every one's time.

Put simply, they can all be answered as follows:

By filling the application form out.


By doing what every other country on the planet does and negotiating.

Better Together have actually excelled this time, if anyone was in any doubt about how stupid they think we all are; here is the proof. I would give an example but I don't want to dignify any of it with a response. Alistair Darling who's lent his name to the document clearly thinks we in Scotland are uniquely - out of all other countries on the planet - unable to conduct relations with other nations and the institutions to which they belong; we need Westminster and England to do it for us.

This is a compelling argument, but not in the way Darling and Better Together think.

Beyond that? I cannot express just how much disdain I have for this execrable document and the opinions it represents. If you want to vote No then fair enough, but at least do it for reasons which exists in this reality - not some fevered construct from Better Together - staffed and driven as it is by people who stand to lose out substantially if we vote Yes.

An apt response to the entire exercise can be found here. 


  1. I got as far as the first 16 questions regarding the EU. Perhaps the BT campaign will tell us if the UK intends to remain part of the EU. Sorry, Pa, that's as far as I intend to go!

  2. Perhaps they thought all we evil cybernats would be distracted by it, one question per day till the referendum. Mean while, BT will have subverted the will of the Scottish people...

    They'd make shite criminal masterminds...

  3. It was amusing that they couldn't even count to 500 and get it right. According to RevStu there were 507 questions.


    Dick wits or what?

    Anyway, it turns out it was the same sort of crap as that wee ugly bloke from the Liberals came out with. There are 5 trillion treaties dating back to heaven knows when, which will have to be renegotiated, including one on the use of the Arc over a flooded Caledonia, from 6000 years ago.

    Still Darling has to do something with his time, now that he can't spend it furnishing and repairing all his many houses at our expense.

  4. I know I shouldn't be surprised but it was just such a shitty jingoistic idea.

    If they even had 500 (or 507) questions, but they didn't. They had about 30 each with a raft of qualifying questions which when the original question was answered (usually by saying, we'll fill out the application form) the rest just evaporate.

    I've never been much good at suspending my belief, something you absolutely need to be able to do to accept anything the BT crowd say.


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