Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The ultimate fearbomb?

Or did Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen go to far and tip over into the absurd?

First of all, taking it back to the beginning, who is The Right Honourable, The Lord Robertson of Port Ellen - KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRCE, PC? As you can see from the letters after his name, he's a person who's thoroughly immersed in the trappings of the British State - it is possible to judge the vehemence of a person's unionist leanings by how many letters he or she has been awarded by the establishment via the Queen - I think George is doing pretty well.

From Lord George's profile - He enjoys long walks, good food and talking shite.

He's an ex-Labour MP who first entered politics in 1978, in that time he's been a member of parliament for Hamilton South, a shadow secretary of state for Scotland, a defence secretary (under Tony Blair) and a secretary general of NATO.

He's now a life peer, hence all the words before and letters after his name.

It goes with out saying (although I'll say it anyway) having a career such as he's had may mean he gets a pantomime title but certainly doesn't mean he's got any intellectual advantage over you or me. The KT denotes The Order of the Thistle (for chivalry no less) and is given to Scots who have pleased the Queen and/or British state in some form or another. The GCMG - the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George is a non-military, military honour, presumably for his time as a Defence Secretary and/or time as SecGen of NATO, (I didn't type military twice, its named after two military saints apparently and is awarded for services in a foreign country. I take that to read, awarded for sitting quite far behind enemy lines - imagined or otherwise - while 'directing one thing or another'.)

The FRSA and FRSE are charitable bodies with interests in the arts among other things. Basically if you want in, existing 'fellows' need to nominate then vote you in.

The PC refers to in house training Lord Robertson attended while he was plain old George and working part time at Currys/PC World.

Port Ellen branch where George was frequently employee of the month.

Its not you know, it stands for Privy Council -an award given to Members of Parliament for, well, being members of parliament.

There are those who think having all these awards and accolades means the person holding them might in some be way accomplished, intelligent or deserving of attention. As evidenced by Baron Robertson of Port Ellen when he opens his mouth and talks - this is demonstrably not true.

Those words uttered during a debate where a substantial vote in favour of No was turned over (in no small measure by Stuart Hosie's efforts) to a majority in favour of a Yes vote.

So to the fearbomb. It is a contender for the biggest of all - the Tsar Bomba of the independence debate if you like. George tells us during a speech given in Washington:

"The loudest cheers for the breakup of Britain would be from our adversaries and from our enemies. For the second military power in the West to shatter this year would be cataclysmic in geopolitical terms."


"Nobody should underestimate the effect all of that would have on existing global balances and the forces of darkness would simply love it."

Forces of darkness!

"The geostrategic consequences don’t stop with what happens in the United Kingdom on the 19th of September. The ripple effects will go much wider than our own shores. The United Kingdom is not alone in having separatist movements."

Geostrategic ripple effects - DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!?

"In Spain, both Catalonia and the Basque country have declared that they want independence. Catalonia where million and a half people marched in the streets demanding independence –and remember that the SNP have never had more than 10,000 people in any demonstration—Catalonia says that it will have its referendum from Spain even if it's in breach of the constitution of its country."

Better Together said four, maybe five people took part in the 2013 March for Independence. The Scottish Police Federation and organisers said around 20,000 turned up.

"The Basque extremist have only in the recent past have backed away from terrorism, but they are watching Catalonia and Scotland with quote undisguised interest."

"Then there's Belgium, a country which is held together by a thread. The Flemish nationalists see Scotland as breaking the mold. We're next if Scotland breaks free and becomes a member of the European Union, they quite openly say."
Not Belgium too, say it ain't so George - SAY IT AIN'T SO!

"And as if to underline what this means for Europe, despite its manifest claim to nationhood, Kosovo still finds itself unrecognized by a handful of European Union countries worried about the implications of breakaway for their own separatist movements."
How much fear can a simple non-honoured, non-FRSA/FRSE-aligned member of the public possibly be expected to tolerate? (23 of 28 EU countries recognise Kosovo of which the UK is one, take from that what you will...)

"So I contend that it is far from scaremongering to use the term Balkanization to predict what might happen if Scotland were to break from its 300 year old union. The fragmentation of Europe starting on the centenary of the First World War would be both an irony and a tragedy with incalculable consequences."

And a final desperate attempt to equate a yes vote to the onset of a World War - its clearer why the British State insists we all celebrate the start and not the end of WW1.

Robertson had much more to say on the subject (as you'd imagine,) the entirety of the speech is linked above.

As per the terms of the independence debate, we find Lord Robertson's words - if we apply a normal amount of common sense that is - to be entirely devoid of rationality. What he's saying is, if Scotland exercised it's democratic right to vote for independence, the entire western world would crumble, even although for the duration Westminster has gone to great lengths to say rUK would carry on as before, undiminished as the successor state. Now though, George Robertson tells us a rUK denuded of 10% of its population, 30% of its landmass and a decapitated economy would spell the end of western civilisation as we know it?

Seriously? Which is it to be?

I try at all times to be as professional as I can be on this blog (although I know it might not often show,) but do fuck off George - what you say insults our intelligence.

Is the positive case for the union really, seriously the safe continuation of the western world? "Vote no or Western Civilisation gets it!" Is that it? What next, are Unionist politicians going to gather atop canal bridges, holding hessian sacks stuffed with puppies & kittens over stagnant waters while demanding we vote no or else?

More and more I find myself voting yes not because of any positive messages coming from the yes side - although you can compare what Lord Robertson said in his speech in Washington, to Alex Salmond's speech in New York for tone & content - but because of the absolute nonsense unionists expect us to accept as fact.

Coming from the Yes Scotland meeting I waffled about in my last post, at which there were a number of no voters present. Some assumed a smugly superior position because unlike Yes Scotland and its spokespeople - Better Together and unionist politicians weren't pulling the wool over their eyes. It is uniquely frustrating and unedifying listening to people being so certain about a subject when it's foundations are so easily dissolved by the application of even a droplet of common sense reality. (I would happily accept challenges about any proclamations coming from the Yes Campaign.)

In shoring up the United Kingdom and the last vestiges of a dead empire, those who speak in its favour are portraying a version of reality which is as tortured as it is unrecognisable. You only need a modicum of common sense to see the absolute absurdity of the visions they attempt to project, currently agents of the British Establishment are doing their best to redraw the debate in order to keep people ignorant.

I'm not sure whether to be angry at Robertson's assumptions around yours and my levels of intelligence or amused at his moronic ideas around Scottish independence and our place in the world.

Won't some one think of the kittens?


  1. Brilliant.

    I despair for Robertson's sanity.

    The loss of the 5 million (nearly people) from part of its satellite will make no earthly difference to the USA's military might. The UK or rUK will always follow on, doing whatever they are told to do. They will also spend whatever amount of money is required.

    I find it really hard to believe that, with the ability to get so many people on the street, the Catalans are waiting to find out what Scotland will do. Likewise the Basques.

    Suddenly Robertson, who thinks so little of his country that he doesn't know that in his home town there is a fair amount of Gaelic spoken, and that he is unaware of any culture at all, suddenly thinks that despite this, half of Europe is just waiting for Scotland to become a democratic country, before it too strides out. Surely that would fill his heart with pride, knowing that so many countries were just waiting for Scotland’s lead before doing anything.

    Presumably he thinks that if we fail, the other countries will just say… “Oh well, never mind, we’d just best knuckle down to these foreigners ruling us… after all if the Scots can’t do it, why would we manage?”

    I love these idiotic titles the Britnats give themselves, steeped in history and tradition, given, over the centuries, to other slithering creatures which appeared from under stones, tongues as far out as they could get them, inserted into posteriors.

    What he got any of them for, I have no idea. He was Blair’s patsy, and then he was Bush’s patsy. He’s far too thick to be anything else.

    I think he’s lost his marbles now. All that rich living in the House of the Walking Dead must have affected his brain cells.

    I was somewhat amused that he spouted all this crap the day after he was “appointed” by Anas Sarwar, to be one of the Lords aleaping to the Better To(ry)gether cause with a new positive message to keep Scotland in their union. Positive…???

  2. Tris.

    I think this is just more of the same but ramped up. It was interesting that both Scotland Tonight and Newsnight Scotland led with his speech (in detail, but they only had a prerecorded snippet from Salmond's.) Yet, there was nothing on the BBC news website the day after.

    Turns out, the BBC, if they think something is patent bullshit (which this was) can tune it out on behalf of Better Together.

    I don't really believe in any grand conspiracy among the BBC and press, but there is a damaging mindset at play.

    As for Robertson? He's proven himself, once and for all, to be the British State's cheap whore who'll say anything he's told to say while Westminster stuffs £10 notes in the waistband of his M&S pants.

    He is truly a disgrace.

  3. Pa

    Robertson is a tool. Nothing more can be said about any of these people anymore. They make me sick, they have milked the Union and thus the poorest for every penny and bit of influence they can get and are not going to give up their place easily no matter the cost.

    Like you I try to not make things too personal on my blogs as in the main it doesn't help the debate but I am at the stage now that people like Robertson, Sarwar, Lamont, Cameron, Osborne, Alexander, Miliband, Clegg, Davidison, Rennie, Baillie , the BBC, Andrew Neil, all of Better Together and esp Darling are the toilet scum of the earth and I wish them all the skits for the rest of their natural lives.


  4. Hi Bruce.

    It is uniquely frustrating, the people you list above tell the most outrageous fibs and seek to harm the livelihoods of people in Scotland (from where ever they hail.)

    Then they get all delicate and fragile when you tell them there talking pish.

    There is a quote from a film (which is in turn from a poem...)

    "Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths,
    Enwrought with golden and silver light,
    The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
    Of night and light and the half-light;
    I would spread the cloths under your feet:
    But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
    I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams"

    Its a W. B. Yeats poems called The Cloths of Heaven. No idea what it means but the last two or three lines are where its at for me.


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