Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A wee picture to tide you over.

I think we can agree, my skills with MS Paint are second to most other people's, although, in a recent poll by The Scotsman 'newspaper' - everyone thought they were fucking brilliant.


  1. Yes...

    My inspiration comes from the late 20th century MS paint era with influences from Play School and You & Me.

    Or something.


  2. Brilliant.

    Sir, I salute your indepaintability.

    Or some bollocks.

  3. That could be my blog's new strap line: "Or some bollocks"

    This is what I love about the Yes movement, its so giving.


  4. Hmmmm. Not so giving matey. Copyright Munguin.


  5. I've pinched your brilliant picture and made a leaflet from it, with then addition of a speech bubble "Run, Jeanie" and on the reverse side some text about the "Real Nuclear Threat".

  6. We need to talk. I shamelessly used a customised version of your brilliant photoshop job ( I added a speech bubble "Run, Jeanie") and on the reverse side a run down of the true costs of nuclear power. I sent it to someone prominent in the "yes" campaign who wants to circulate it. Its your idea, you have to say "Yes" (actually , I think I know your answer - but it is polite to ask) can you get back to me?

  7. Hi David.

    You have my permission to use the image with my wee edit as you see fit.

    I'm chuffed that someone finds it entertaining and with you're additions, also informative too.



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