Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ruth Davidson... Again...

She'll be flapping her lips a wee bit later on giving a speech to a group of young Scots. Apparently, Conservative officers asked some young people if they'd like to attend but no one knew who Ruth Davidson was. Normally when a Tory wants you to do something, they offer you money, these days though, its all about sanctions. Fortuitously, coming just days after T in the Park, Ruth's henchmen managed to bribe some still-drunk/hungover young people meandering their way back from Balado with cans of Irn Bru & two Anadin Extra in to attending.

A young Scot is 'helped' by Tory activists on to the boat, erm, I mean into the hall where Ruth is giving her speech.

"If we vote to leave the UK, we'd be closing off avenues of opportunity for Scotland's young people that have existed for generations," she is expected to say. 
"We'd be selling young Scots short.
"Our young people are as dynamic and ambitious as their contemporaries in any other corner of the globe.
"They've got what it takes to 'make it' in life - the talent, the drive and the determination to make their mark on the world.
"And it's our responsibility to make sure they get the best possible chance of achieving their full potential."

As usual, Ruth deploys the normal amount of brass-necked unionist bullshittery you'd expect. Of course Scotland's young people have what it takes, unfortunately Scotland has been talked down for so long - generations Ruth - that a lot of young folk feel they need to leave to make their mark.

Ruth's speech today can be likened to one of those oily recruitment consultants any one who's ever been on the dole had to deal with, promising quality jobs but actually delivering turds. She wants Scotland to vote No so the British Establishment can continue to suck the talent from the rest of  the country for its own enrichment, nothing more, nothing less.

What Ruth isn't going to say is, we can vote yes and still have those opportunities for our talented youth - if they want to go south (or any other direction for that matter) to work they still can. What a Yes vote offers is the option to stay.

More over, with independence, Scotland's newly graduated, fresh-faced school leavers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a new country - sure we've got a bit of a head start, we won't be starting from scratch - but Scotland's new adults have the chance to shape the DNA of a country, if they so choose to do.

It seems to me, that opportunity trumps anything Ruth can offer as part of the union; minimum wage, zero hour contracts, unpaid internships, cut-throat employment practice and a shit pension if you're ever allowed to retire.

Why settle for the lowest common denominator, when you could  build your own future?

Just in case any young folk are reading who don't know who Ruth Davidson is, this is she:

While that picture may not be literally correct, figuratively - I think you'll find its accurate.


  1. All the opportunities they want or need... in London.

    She is so full of shit.

  2. Pa

    I thought she had left the country as I hadn't heard anything from Camerons female in Scotland. She isn't even on the Conservative executive so she is obviously very important. I don't think any young people will fall for her rubbish to be honest, I think some might even think why do I have to go to London, as Tris noted, to have a future.

    Ruth Davidson will be remembered like the character in Dr Who , The Silence, you turn away and you have forgotten you have ever seen her. What a non-entity.


  3. Aye, I can agree with that.

    In five years time no one will remember Ruthy never mind any hair-brained notions she came out with during her brief career in politics.


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