Thursday, 23 October 2014

The petition band wagon.

I'm now on it like a car bonnet - as youngsters these days like to put it.

I know there are petitions for everything these days, I'm rather hoping someone will set up a petition to counter my petition which I've set up to counter a petition that was pinched by the po-faced Gordon Brown and the gadgie-in-print that is The Daily Record.

Look at that face... Just look at it...
Perhaps some one will set up a petition to stop people setting up petitions - or more usefully to keep Gordon Brown's face out of the news. Normally you don't see the miserable git from one month to the next, but since Labour are facing double decimation or more in Scotland and a pretty serious assault on their power at Westminster - its not hard to understand why Brown and others are squealing like pigs with their heads stuck in the doors leading away from the corridors of power.

My own very special unique petition can be found here. Since I can't confirm if signatories signed the original 38 Degrees petition; if any readers plain can't remember, you can sign this one anyway - which should garner, oh I don't know, three or four additional paw prints?

Otherwise share it (several times on twitter if you can) far and wide. When a gazillion people have signed, we'll descend upon the offices of Gordon Brown and The Daily Record (I'm told they're one and the same) like a pack of starved Chihuahuas round a freshly cooked chicken drumstick.

We're coming for you Gordon.


  1. Paw, I would not like to be Gordon at the hands of the attack dogs. Wee Mexican Ratters they are, and very fierce. I will add Hektor who is also an attack Pug, bigger than the wee Mexican's but just as bad, and as he is half Yank, Dad is from Ohio, he is up for anything.

  2. I now have mental image of GB being harried down a Glenrothes street by a pack of angry but righteous wee dogs.

    Its beautiful. ;-)

  3. Im on it too now... I wonder if this car bonnet will take all of us?

  4. We'll just pop the pack of starved chihuahuas on the roof if space gets tight.



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