Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Maggrit Curran: She down with da young team.

You'll have seen or at least heard about Margaret Curran's recent outpouring via Buzzfeed here. You might also see that I commented on it at length, what can I say, I was at a loose end.

You might also have noticed in the comments someone suggesting a vote for the SNP next year is a vote for the Tories, that if you don't vote Labour then Cameron will be a shoo in at the Westminster general election.

It'll be a common refrain over the next few months that totally ignores certain realities. First off; if you do vote Labour and they get in, you'll get Tory policy anyway because that is what Labour have to offer, and secondly - and somewhat cancelling out the first point - is the existence of Ed Miliband. You know sometimes you cross paths with someone who looks a bit dim but lurking behind that bovine stare is a lancet-like intellect? Well, that's not Ed Miliband, what you see is what you get - there is a void behind his eyes where Labour policy and some wit should exist.

Most Labour voters are not like Labour staffers, they don't have the dogma of the 'Labour Activist', those hard-nosed reality deniers who'll throw demonstrably provable fact out the window and put their bizarre Labour spin in its place.

Later on in that thread someone else said:

Another thing Labour activists love to do is judge others by their own standards. I wasn't sure exactly what Nathan meant with his comment, I assume he means during the SNP's first stint as a minority government, the Tories occasionally voted with them. It goes with out saying, Labour would never (ever) do that. The SNP could promise peace on earth, an end to world hunger and the reintroduction of Fruit Spangles and Labour would oppose it. Hard though it may be to believe; in Scotland, the Tories have a more progressive attitude than does 'Scottish' Labour. 

It also rather ignores the notion that the Lib Dems and Greens also voted with the SNP occasionally - I'm pretty sure there might even have been policies where Labour voted with the Scottish Government - ocht, lets just say it out loud; THE SNP. Its fast becoming the case that Scottish Labour agreeing with you makes you look more of a twat than the Tories agreeing with you.

I know I don't need to tell people to be prepared for this sophistry - as someone pointed out on Twitter, there are a gazillion photos of Labour drones shmoozing with their Tory counterparts during the referendum campaign. They'll try to convince people that while they agreed on the meat of the referendum they disagreed on much of everything else. However, their policies & statements in the press highlight the dishonesty of that claim - most folk know the gap between Tory and Labour policy is broadly similar to that seen between the cheeks of a gnat's bum.

I won't comment further on Margaret's wee rant on Buzzfeed, because the football is on. We're thirty minutes in and the score line is still love all. Shit, no its not. England just scored.

Oh well. Maybe we'll equalize in the second set?


  1. Your answers were brilliant, as were this chaps: Fraser Stewart.

    Just to address the "failures" here.

    1) Despite the cuts to education, Scotland has the highest rated education system in Europe according to ONS reports.

    2) The overall efficiency rating of the NHS is higher than its ever been under Scottish Labour.

    3) There are less people going to college these days throughout the UK, because they can't survive without full time work anymore.

    4) Despite the cuts to policing, crime rates are at a 4 decade low under the SNP.

    5) The official "UK" house building is at it's lowest since the 1920's. Because the UK Government is spending less on housing, the Scottish Government get's less funding for housing in Scotland.

    6) There are more children in poverty due to Westminster budget cuts. The SNP aren't magicians. They can't make money appear out of nowhere. Neither could Scottish Labour.

    7) Compare Alex Salmonds expenses over the past 7 years to the expenses of London Labour MPs to put things into perspective. Also compare the amount of money that Alex Salmond donates to charity compared to these Labour MPs.

    8) As I recall, the Scottish Government requested that the question be put forward by the UK Government on an Independent Scotlands Membership in the EU to the European Commission. The commision were prepared to answer the question, but the UK Government refused to put the question forward. I wonder why?

    9) So what? Thats his personal opinion. I personally don't mind Putin either. I hold him in far higher regard than the likes of David Cameron.

    10) Scotland hasn't been on pause at all. In fact, the referendum is the best thing that has ever happened to Scotland and has more people engaged in politics than ever before. Scottish Labour don't like this and wish we would go back in our box. It ain't going to happen, we're here to stay.
    Why do they keep lying like this...? They just get mauled for it (as they were on this forum), and I think people are beginning to see that they have nothing except hatred for the SNP and love for Tory policies.

    My mum listened to Any Questions with Curran on last Friday. She apparently never stopped talking. She wouldn't let anyone get a word in,despite the chairman repeatedly asking her to shut up.

    My mother's verdict was that she had never heard such a rude ignorant woman in her life.

  2. Another great answer.

    I think Labour really don't see it, they are so blinkered because of a deep-set group-think - they just don't get it and never will.

    I heard that twister Hothersal on the radio this morning, they all the same, they this totally skewed view. Genuine labour voters must rue the day Blair began to exert his influence on Labour.

    And Curran is rude. Doesn't matter how much one tries to be charitable or polite; she's just a rude hypocritical Labour rent-a-gub.

  3. Pa

    Great post. I never looked at what Mags had to say, I tend not to do that if I want to keep food down but I did hear she was on about the USA Hotel Bill again. Now that is rich coming from a Labour MP who, like Murphy, milks the Westminster Cow for all it's worth.

    I also try not to engage with Labour voters very often now, they are in some form of denial of everything they see and hear from their party and around them. Labour really is a cult now, not a very good cult either with not a lot of members.

    Miliband as I have noted can't and won't win as he is just not all there as far as political life is concerned. He comes across as afraid, he is a Labour internal construct like most of them now. It is a party that is dying, I'm glad I'm around to see it as I do hate them more than I hate the Tories. The Tories are what they are , scum, Labour are scum who lie to the poor and vulnerable and get away with it in the main but they are maybe paying a price now.


  4. Agreed Bruce.

    What do political parties who are seriously unpopular in Scotland have in common.

    They're all unionist parties.

    People who vote Tory know why they do it. People who vote Labour don't.

    How ever, more and more they're realising, which makes me hopeful.

  5. Nathan Morrison is a Labour councillor at Aberdeen City Council where he is in coalition with the Tories

  6. It certainly explains the comment.



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