Monday, 11 February 2013


Unionist side produces report which supports entirely the unionist side on Scottish Independence.

Legal opinion obtained from Professors Crawford and Boyle of Oxford and Edinburgh Universities respectively states, Scotland will inherit nothing in terms of treaties, agreements assets currently enjoyed by the UK. Meanwhile, with independence; Scotland will be a new state starting from scratch.

Except in terms of the UK national debt, which is where their opinion inexplicably stopped. (At least according to the BBC this morning.)

Nicola Sturgeon queried: "It also raises a very important question for the UK government - if they are prepared to lay claim to the assets of the UK are they also prepared to take on all of its liabilities, such as the UK national debt?"

I would ask the same question myself.

(Foot note: Prof Crawford was on Radio Scotland this morning, by way of a digest; he said yes, Scotland would not inherit treaties and agreements but most would just roll over, an application to the UN for example would be straight forward. Meanwhile, in what can only be described as a disturbing lack of concentration; the BBC interviewer asked a useful question about EU membership, the Professor said both Scotland and the rest of the UK would have some renegotiating to do. So, another report which is all mouth and no trousers. Westminster could of course just ask the EU about membership instead of relying on opinion, but it won't. One wonders why?)


  1. It really has no credibility at all.

    And added to the trash from that idiot Willie Whatsit about there being 17,000 treaties to renegotiate, they are beginning to sound like mad people.

    How did the republic of Ireland manage?

    Somehow, even in the days before electronic communication, they must have managed to renegotiate their treaties and sort out an arrangement over debt and assets.

    If the No campaign carries on making these stupid assertions no one will believe a single word they say; even on the off chance that it is true

  2. Going by what the good professor said this morning on the radio, it started off all doom and gloom, if you say yes it'll be really really hard but by the end of the interview he said actually it'll mostly be straight forward and the rest of the UK will have some negotiating to do as well so actually; this is all a bit of a puff piece.


  3. Stop press indeed.....a vote for independence means....independence, who'd have thought it. Yes yes yes

  4. Aye, when some chump mithers "but what does independence mean?" the temptation is to say, if you have to ask you'd never understand. Patience however dictates that we explain... Again... And again...

    (You're comment went into the spam folder, I turned the verification thing off because lets be honest, its a ball ache. Thanks for taking the time. :-)


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