Friday, 22 March 2013

Call Calamity Kaye

Linking ever so coincidentally to the previous post about young people and voting, this morning (on Radio Scotland's flagship current affairs program) presented to us by the ambrosial Kaye Adams, up for discussion was the date for the referendum on independence, (as you would expect.) Kaye wanted to know if it was too far away in the future and more curiously what 'no' voters thought about it, not sure why yes voters were being excluded - oh hold on, yes I am...

In any case in among the obvious plants, a person who we'll call Michael (because its what he said his name was,) was asked; could you be swayed to vote yes and was his mind open? He said of course his mind was open then partook in an uninterrupted monologue about how shit the SNP was and how they'd done nothing in 7 years of government, (a myth which could easily be added to this video* which Better Together are desperately trying remove not just from you-tube but from existence.) In any case, I can't be sure his name was Michael after he also claimed his mind wasn't made up when it patently was.

The thing about Call Kaye, (BBC Scotland's vanguard finger-on-the-pulse-of-Scotland wireless presentation) which if you've read anything else about it here, you'll appreciate I think is a lot of shit, (and my mind is firmly made up.) Every now and again, someone will slip through, and so it was with this caller, I didn't catch his name, but he said his son was really disappointed with the date of the referendum as it fell two days before his 16th birthday and would Alex Salmond be amenable to rescheduling.

He went on to say he had no idea his son had any political views and he'd certainly never foisted any of his own in that direction, but Ruth Davidson (she's the Scottish Tory leader who looks like an incredulous wee boy, although don't say that to her face because she's hard as nails) had visited the local high school and ever since; his son had been fully engaged, attending school debates and reading newspapers among other things

I'll admit, I was thinking the worst, an impressionable youth lost to the dark side, (or the allure of Ruth Davi- Oh, hold on...) The father went on to say, while chatting to his son, he saw an application form for membership... A membership which would cost £5... For Scottish Socialists for Independence.

I guffawed, I couldn't help it. Ruth certainly made an impression, this new supporter was now pestering his dad to go through to the march and rally for independence in September this year.  

Although I didn't get his name and I'm positive he won't see this, that you'll miss the vote is a bit crap, but you can still register your intent by turning as many of your friends who can vote on the 18th of September 2014 on to independence and the benefits it'll bring.

I understand on Monday's edition of Call Kaye (the rapier-like tip of Scottish social discourse on the airwaves) the topic is going to be; Should Ruth Davidson be allowed to visit schools and if so, should the counselling required in the aftermath be a universal benefit or farmed out to Atos? 

* If that link goes dead, it will have succumbed to Better Together's desperate censorship. Just search for Top Ten Myths of the Union Debunked, it'll still be up somewhere.


  1. I listened to the show at work, and thought that despite KA's forced doom 'n gloom, the show was positive despite her.
    She is a nasty piece of work. Pretending to be an 'ordinary' mum. How many of her listeners know she was President of the Young Conservatives at University?

  2. I would agree with that, if its ever fair, its only really by accident. I don't mind that she was the president of the young conservatives (and I didn't know, I had her pegged as New Labour, although these days its hard to get a fag paper between the two.)

    What's nasty is its never been declared.


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