Friday, 22 March 2013

Just got a wee text from...

Better Together.

Like most other folk, they obviously don't read my blog and it begs the question, how did they get my number anyway, I forgot to tick the 'don't send me any shit' box while shopping online for car insurance some 18 months ago, can we now include Better Together in the same category as relentless PPI claim set ups and people trying to flog wine investments?

For what its worth, included was a straight forward 'should Scotland be an independent country' with yes, no, and don't know options. a 'how strongly do you feel about independence?' Very strongly support or fairly strongly support.

Then a polite - 'Thanks for your input. We know that you need facts to help you make the biggest decision in our lives. We will make sure you get them.' - I bet you will.

The message read:

Paul, the countdown to the referendum is on. We believe we are stronger when we work together What do you think? Vote in our mobile poll. Smartphones tap this link or text UKOK (can't believe they're running with that) 64446 for more info (std rates apply. Text BTSTOP to opt out.

BTSTOP? If only... Not that their campaign has been particularly effective to date.

It goes without saying what my answers were, I rather suspect it'll go without saying what Better Together report when this exercise is finished.


  1. Thank goodness I do not have a mobile phone

  2. Oh! Who's a popular boy then with old Uncle Alistair? First name terms too!

    Munguin got a email from David Cameron the other day. He's feeling a little better now, but not fully recovered.

    This, of course, is their attempt to be up there and cool with the kids. They'll be having a tumblr account next.

    I'm not sure though that whatever insurance company you neglected to tell not to send you shit, should be selling on your phone number to a political campaign, of whatever colour!

    Love to Uncle Alistair when you text him back...

    ...I thought he looked like a startled chicken the last time I saw him. He must be working too hard.

  3. Even although the text was from a computer, a computer working on behalf of the dark side, I have to take what solace I can in these things.

    Since my mum doesn't know how to text and I have no social life to speak of, when I do receive a text; I am quietly thrilled.

  4. Nice of Daphne to send you a text. Interesting blog - must say I like the photo!

  5. Hello John.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it, as blogs go; its a bit hit or miss.

    I was surprised I got a text from them and wonder how they came by my number.

    The photo is of the cairn at the top of the devils staircase on the west highland way, we found the boots and thought it would be apt, possibly because we were all dying on our arses.

    Cheers man.

  6. Jeez, and I thought you'd actually buried someone...

    Did you ever work out where whom the boots belonged to?

  7. Worryingly, we just found them nearby, no idea what became of the wearer, he or she may possibly be with the positive case for the union.

    In fact, i think the picture is symbolic of the union at this point.

  8. I might have a clue whose boots they were. I was in Milngavie one day and David McLetchie and some friends were getting ready to walk the West Highland way. I asked him, quite politely, I thought, why he did not take a taxi. Politicians should not be allowed to swear in public. Perhaps his boots were too tight and he got a taxi after all.

    More power to your blog!

  9. Brilliant John! ROTFL

  10. Never mind politicians swearing in public - swearing in Milngavie though!

    I mean to say, the humanity?!?


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