Friday, 12 April 2013

Taken the plunge...

So I've published my first short eBook  I'll say right now, its already available in a diminished form on this blog (what am I saying, most things are diminished on this blog.) In any case, I added to it, increased it from 11,000 words to 16,000 (I know, as if 11,000 wasn't enough.)

Since you're here you may have read it already so I'm not asking you to buy it, just share the links on your social networking, I'd be really grateful, the proceeds are all going to the Scout Group that I've been involved with over the last two decades and who's members took part in the activity the eBook is all about.

Its on smashwords here and in the kindle store here.

I should say, its a bit cheaper on smashwords due to Kindle's bizarre royalties system, I was embarrassed to ask for as much as I did but I had no choice.

I enjoy writing, its a good feeling to concoct  a sentence or paragraph which is economic with words yet concise in its message, I mean I hardly ever manage to do it, but still; I try.

I'm already working on the next installment which is about our recent trip to Arran the week after all the snow hit the island, five of us visited for the Easter Weekend. I'll probably post it up here as before to give you a sneak preview on the promise that you hawk it about as much as I hope you'll hawk the one mentioned above.

I'm really crap at self-promotion, I have so little to promote. Normally I can rely on my mum for this but she doesn't do social networking; so I'm asking you.

Thanks folks in advance. 

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