Thursday, 6 March 2014

BBC reporting on Shell.

The BBC are trying to make something of a speech given by Shell's CEO Ben Van Beurden about Scotland potentially leaving the UK. The headline certainly points in that direction.

Even as I typed this, the BBC edited their fantastic scoop by adding in some helpful graphics and a lot of 'opinion', because of that, the images below no longer resemble the story as it now exists. Not that the BBC doesn't often punt out stories crammed with misinformation only to quietly change it later into something more representative of reality once the bullshit version has sunk in.

That isn't the point though, bear in mind the headline above...

How many times in the article is Ben quoted saying he'd like Scotland to remain part of the UK?

How many times in the article is Ben quoted saying he'd like the UK to remain in the EU?

I haven't even included side quotes taken out of context or the usual daft piffle BBC articles are padded out with.

So, do we think the headline suits the story? Or is the BBC trying to jam that elephant's foot in to a glass slipper?

I can't resist a mixed metaphor.

Note: You might have tried to click on the images above only to get a blur of squiggles, we're* still running Windows XP here so have no easy access to a snipping tool, plus, the story runs on for a bit making it impossible to 'PrintScreen'. Unfortunately I can't provide you with a link to the original because its been 'over-written' by the new one.

How ever, as you can probably gather from my skills with MS Paint, the notion that I've somehow 'shopped' the images above to remove information or imagery that would exonerate the BBC from its usual bias and disinformation around the independence debate - I think its probably safe to rule it out.

* Not the editorial 'we', its just me sitting here at work... On a break of course... Honest...


  1. The deal is Britain is Britain is the best.

    The idea that jocks could make it on their own is appalling and ridiculous, and the idea that Johnny Foreigner should be telling us that to do, through the EU, is equally out of the question. We won the war you know.

    The BBC more or less epitomises what I hate most about the UK.

    Of course it's a royal charter organisation. Its job is to protect the establishment and the status quo.

    But I so object to paying them £145 a year so they can lie through their London-centric teeth.

    Only another 7 months of listening to this crap. Thank heavens.

  2. I don't pay for a TV licence, I did for about six months around 5 years ago but never again.

    The BBC are crap, the cuts taking place in Scotland are a case in point with shoddy reportage which seems to be aimed at children - possibly because its produced by interns are were children not that long ago.

    Its a dinosaur that forgot to die. In theory, something like the BBC should be a good thing, but its just a broadcaster of state propaganda now.

  3. Pa

    It's just all more fear from someone close to the establishment. They work in 70 countries so wouldn't imagine they care. I blogged about the fear today, its boring now. I think people are becoming immune to it in many ways now. I do wonder though if a country has ever faced a propaganda campaign as much as Scotland is now, they will write about it in the future and we will either be heroes or cowards, I hope we have the guts to be heroes.


  4. Yup Bruce.

    Its a hell of a thing, people voting no will be doing it with a very bad taste in their mouths. The bought & payed for Better Together drones won't give a shit because they're sold on the bollocks.

    I hope for heroes too, a no vote - internationally - would be humiliating, not because we lost the referendum but because people didn't have the guts to take control.

    I also agree, I think people are becoming immune to the fear mongering, they're over doing it now.


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