Friday, 2 May 2014

Lazy blogging/Vote No Borders/A mug.

Apologies for this somewhat lazy blog entry.

This launch of Vote No Borders had to be commented upon and links to the details shared. I understand there may still be people thinking a positive case for the union exists. But if you put all of the arguments & counter arguments away - all of them - then forget all the personalities involved in the debate - completely and totally...

Imagine if you'd just come into the country and had no clue who Alex Salmond or the SNP were, had no knowledge of politics or the personalities involved and didn't know Alistair Darling from Alistair, ummm, McGowan. If a campaign conducted itself as the campaign for keeping the union is doing now - how could you ever vote in favour of it?

Some links which you may have seen already. (Apologies for the repetition, but on the off-chance there are those who read this blog - always a pleasant surprise to me - and no others, I'm reproducing them here.)

Firstly this from wingsoverscotland explains what 'Vote No Borders' is. Then this from Craig Murray and this from wings (again) explains how the no campaign is conducting their side of the debate aided & abetted by a pliant media.

This isn't the only example either.

I am occasionally staggered at things unionists supporters get away with saying and/or doing in the press although I'm not really surprised at the BBC's part in it, just disappointed. 

Yes Scotland could start solemnly promising an independent Scotland would be a land of milk & honey (something they've never said) and Alex Salmond et al could just scream the word 'freedom' at the moon. Because of the cack-handed methods being deployed by the no campaign to deliver their wretched agenda of fear - which we're all just expected to swallow...

- I'd still vote yes on the 18th of September.

Finally, although this issue around 'Vote No Borders' is intensely frustrating, there's always time for a laugh. You may have seen this link to an eBay auction on Twitter or facebook (if you can be arsed with those sorts of things.)

I welcome questions about the item, if I'm being honest, I don't expect to get any money for it (I'm hoping the person who wins the auction is someone I know so I can just hand it to them and save on postage.)

Its pretty much entirely for fun, it would be great if you could share it around (if it went viral, We'd all be thrilled.) Any money it did make (even if its just a quid) goes to my local Scout Group, (from which I'm likely to be asked to leave, given the nature of the eBay auction...)

Read it and you'll see why.


  1. Hmmm don;t you guys have to take some sort of oath ... to Big Ears' mum?

    Anyway... If you don't get any more bids, I'll send you a fiver for it...

  2. We now have a non-religious promise but we still (well, some folk anyway) swear allegiance to the queen.

    This is me rebelling.


    PS: Thanks for the offer, but I couldn't possible accept, the mug is far too crap.

  3. Aye, but the mug is hardly the issue... and you can give it to some nice old lady that still likes royals.

    So email me an address... if you don;t get takers... and the mug is mine!! (for you to give to an old dear).

  4. I see what you mean, £5 to remove it from circulation?

    I can give it to my dad. His postal vote for the euro-elections is sitting on the table, he asked me to help him fill it in. Since he's voting tory, one of his carers is doing it.


  5. PA

    Just another Tory front, no doubt breaking rules they won't get pulled up for. We might start to see more of these things given they just don't have followers on the ground at bt headquarters. They are so desperate to keep our money and servitude to pretend they still have an empire that no doubt more surprises will come our way soon, I really feel we are winning though even if the polls don't say it yet.


  6. There just isn't a grassroots no campaign is there. They were always relying on the default no vote (those who'd vote no just because...)

    As you say though - especially with the Sunday Herald coming out for Yes today - I think things are moving in the right direction.

    The most annoying thing is the BBC obsequiously reporting it in such a misleading fashion.

  7. Pa

    I really believe that YES are winning now, I know the polls say otherwise but it just doesn't feel that way. No very scientific but a feeling all the same.

    I just commented on Tris site that I hope UKip do well in England. I don't think they are a reacist party at all, many ethnic minority members but from what you hear from people voting for them there is a growing passion for change in England, people are sick of Westminster and between YES and UKip I am sensing a new peoples movement for change and that can only be good, in my opinion anyway.


  8. I was at a yes meeting recently, some of the yes folks were saying English UKIP voters were intolerant. I disagree, I think they're frustrated, not necessarily with party policy but with the Westminster system as it stands these days.

    I don't think UKIP are particularly racist either, but they are discriminatory and quite swivel-eyed at times - and most scarily - they claim to be libertarian but they seem very authoritarian at times.

    I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

    But then I say the same thing about the rest of the WM mob.

    I think yes is winning too, but wonder sometimes if it'll be enough to overcome the general ignorance & ennui that Westminster and the Scottish press (minus the Sunday Herald ;-) like to encourage and propagate.


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