Monday, 30 June 2014

The arrogance of a British Unionist.

The image below demonstrates the attitude of many unionist campaigners. A lot of the noise coming from those who seek to convince us we're better together is infused with similar levels of disdain.

Jim Murphy cannot accept anyone supporting the idea of an independent nation might have something - anything - substantive to say; so he does what comes naturally.

In the absence of anything persuasive or constructive: he pours on the scorn.

Jim might say he was making a wee joke, but there are two things wrong with that idea. Firstly, he's still stifling the hopes & aspirations of millions and secondly, its about as funny as a pod of beached whales.

Its not like the anti-BBC bias protesters at Pacific Quay...

 ...didn't have a point.

Often, its not what the Yes Campaign are saying that behooves* people to vote yes  - its more about the demeanour of the No camp. Jim Murphy's sneering attitude will have many people wondering just what it is we're supposed to be better together with. The campaign for the maintenance of the union seems to be creating a self-defeating subliminal message with their campaign slogans.

Vote no and like Jim Murphy, you too can hang from the shoogly unionist peg while dismissing the roiling masses below.

Better Together? No thanks.

* Yeah, that's right - behooves!


  1. Pa

    Jim Murphy has never been funny, even by accident. He is the worst kind of new Labour troll. He comes across like he hates everything and anyone that doesn't think his word, is well, the word.

    My view on Scottish labour MPs like Murphy is that they are very afraid, they are afraid that in a couple of months time they will lose their jobs, their lovely salaries, their overseas travel at our expense, their expenses, their perceived place in the world and their devine right to rule over the slums of Glasgow. They are very very afraid.

    BT or No whatever might just win the vote but it will be in spite of them not because of them. They might cheer and party, they will no doubt sneer if things go their way but what they don't understand is that they have lost either way because things never get to be the same again.

    I really believe that in the event of a close no in September we do it all again within 5 years once people realise they have made the biggest mistake of their lives. Oh Westminster will refuse and a future referendum will be advisory only but Scotland is on a path to independence wether the Murphys like it or not, it is just a metter of time.

    I will pray it is a yes in September, if only just to see the smiles wiped off the faces of the fear, but for Murphy he is finished. He has been shown to be a small, nasty little man with no ideas and certainly no future.

    Bring it on.


  2. Murphy is a right winger from the Blair school of socialism.

    That means that he doesn't actually give a toss about the poor.

    I was choking myself laughing at the idea of this closet Tory warmonger as leader of Scottish Labour as was mooted recently when people began to see that Lamont wasn't suitable material for even a parks convenor in a small country council.

    He is so far removed from what Scottish Labour should be about.

    He comes over to me as a sneary kind of bloke. I expect he doesn't like people who demonstrate about the status quo. Tories are like that. They want to conserve everything in aspic. I imagine he already wonders what he will be Lord Murphy of ...

    I suspect that he might have joined the Tories had they not been dead ducks in Scotland.

    I've heard him debate twice. He is a lightweight. Even on radio with punters in phone ins he is lost, beaten on points by people who weren't in politics and didn't sound particularly "educated". They just knew how things were.

    On the BBC phone in, he eventually lost it and accused the people phoning in of being SNP plants...

    On a BBC programme that is so unlikely as to be gut bustingly funny, but even stretching the point and supposing it were true, a politician of his experience should never have let them see that it was bothering him. He should have been able to argue back on the point.

    He also has a strange feud going with Pete Wishart... from what I could see on Twitter. He has seen Pete in the lobbies and started swearing at him... F off... repeatedly.

    He sounds unhinged to me.

    Perhaps it's the fear of the Lordship that never will be...

  3. Well put by both of you.

    I think in interviews his credibility is puddle-deep. He's fine for about maybe, half a dozen words then you realise he's just another Labour drone.

    I would also agree, after the referendum, there'll be a clear out. I wonder if it is a no, whether come the 2015 election those who put their cross in the 'no' box will have had time to understand just how much they fucked up.

    But lets not think about that. It'll be a pretty firm yes.

  4. Note how he does not complain about bias against the No direction. They know they've got the media stitched up but it will soon be obvious to even the most unsavvy.

  5. Hi.

    True, it seems to be the same media unionists think are working in their favour are actually doing more harm. A lot of yes converts say the bias made them suspicious so they decided to scratch the surface so to speak.

    And we know what happens when undecided's & No's do that.


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