Friday, 8 August 2014

All In It Together

I found this YouTube video on my Facebook timeline last night and thought it deserved wider attention - I only have about a dozen friends there - I think mostly because I use it as a therapy service, which is to say, I only ever moan.

There are those who say I've taken to numbering these episodic moans and that currently I'm on #315. I won't deny it, I'm just surprised the number isn't higher.

Anyway, its not me in the video because while I am far more handsome, I am nothing like as erudite. Also, I would have ruined it with jazz hands or some other puerile nonsense.

As it is though, you're left in no doubt about the message being conveyed. 

From Ashton Easter's YouTube channel.

Published on Aug 7, 2014
Union with the Palace of Westminster no longer has anything to offer the people of Scotland. Independence is the once in a generation chance to change things for the better. A chance to show Westminster how many of its voters have lost faith in the bankrupt neoliberal, right wing political ethos that permeates its corridors and pollutes its sense of right and wrong.


  1. I left this comment on Mr Easter's Youtube page.

    It's almost unbelievable that people think that this is the best it can be. Ukok? No, it's not, and even if it were, is that what we aspire to? OK? Better Together? Maybe, if you've never travelled abroad, or maybe only to North Korea or Sénégale, or South Sudan. If, on the other hand, you've been to Iceland , Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, Holland, Denmark, Greenland or even France, you'll know that we are not better together not even slightly, and we could do so much more.

    I hope we don't sleepwalk into another 20 years of union. (Although to be honest I think the opinion polls are wrong. Even idiots like Cameron, Davidson, Miliband and Lamont don't offer concession previously absolutely denied 6 weeks before a stunning victory! As for Clegg singing a pledge.... WHIT?)

    Anyway, brilliant writing and convincingly performed. Thanks, and thanks to Pa Broon and Fazzledown for directing me here.

  2. He's a passionate Yes supporter along with his dad - both - last seen on Facebook tangling with no other than the mind bogglingly daft cllr Terry Kelly.

  3. Brave guy. I mean Kelly is completely bonkers. Mad as a box of...mad things.

  4. He's not endowed with anything approaching a fragment of logic or advanced thought.

    (I'm being polite.)



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