Friday, 29 August 2014

Am no deid!

I've just been busy.

Working away again, this time they put me in charge of something which is never a great idea. However, you learn things about how you are perceived by others when you are put in charge. This might be hard to believe but I'm not a particularly serious person, not even (probably especially) at work, and when it came to taking the lead - it showed.

Even at my most cack-handed, I could never plumb the depths Johann Lamont manages - I hate to say it though - like Johann, I found myself in a position of oblique control but direct responsibility. That said, I don't feel sorry for her (or any of the rest of them) because what they've chosen to do is ruinous to Scotland's future.

The road between Edinburgh and Forres - specifically the one that goes through Perth, Blairgowrie, Braemar, Cock Bridge, Tomintoul and Grantown on Spey is liberally peppered with campaign signs. I think the Yes side have the lead ever so slightly but more and more No/No Thanks/ No etc signs cropped up while I was there.

There are those who still think Yes voters are a lunatic fringe, they believe we're voting the way we are because we haven't looked at the arguments. The idea we might be voting Yes not because of a misty eyed ideal of a Scotland-past but because we have looked at the arguments and have made a hard calculated choice - baffles them.

More and more (usually on Twitter) I find myself in debates with No voters who for supporting arguments are using polling and betting trends. What if anything does a person require to realise if that is the breadth of their argument, they've already lost the debate?

But no, you can chip in the most incontrovertible fact - the democratic deficit for example; Scotland could vote Labour for ever and a day but if England don't then those votes count for nothing - and still these people sit and shake their heads like you're talking nonsense. That can't even be massaged or spun - it is what it is - but they drop into screen saver mode, its as if they've left the room.

To be a bit clearer, this was work related. I work for a part of the NHS in Scotland (don't worry, its not patient-facing) who's work at times is already carried out by private companies - even in Scotland. What I was trying to explain was; if there is a No vote, going by things unionists of all shades are saying, there will be more austerity. And going by what nationalists commentators are saying about those 'further powers' Cameron said would be 'guaranteed soon' - what ever the fuck that means - voting no will mean cuts and no job for us.

As I said before, when it comes to professional advice in the work place - I'm not the go-to guy. I'm comfortable with that, it gives me more time to produce this sort of thing (which I enjoy immeasurably more.) When it comes to the referendum though, I'll put myself up against anyone and match them point for point on any indyref related topic - but that only works if people are prepared to listen - alas - some are not.

So I hope for a Yes vote I really do, because if it goes the other way - right here and now - I am reserving my right to be the most insufferable I-told-you-so on this plain of existence. As we pack up our desks I am going to fix those who I know crossed the wrong box with a flinty gaze and never ever let them forget it.

I would say I'll stalk them to ends of the earth but since I'll be jobless, I'll probably not be able to afford the transport costs.


  1. Well, I'm relieve to hear you're not dead!

    I can't afford to come down to Edinburgh for a funeral. Everything is so expensive there.

    So please stay alive.

    I've only seen 2 NO posters in Dundee, although once you get into the countryside there are a few... in the grounds of Megginch Castle for example where lives the Hon Ms Drummond.

    The feeling at the meeting I was at tonight is that in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee, the Yes vote has it, but Edinburgh is a little bit dubious, and of course out in the fields, the country set don;t want to have to go abroad for Wimbledon, Glyndebourne, Crufts, Henley and the Chelsea Flower Show. They aren't affected by cuts which only apply to poor people adn many of them have relative or two in the HofL. They not too keen on land taxes either!! Taxes are for little people.

    Tonight's meeting was largely socialist, Trades Unions, Labour, Common Weal... and Johann Lamont was dismissed as a ...

    Well. This is a polite blog so I'll leave it there.

    I'm glad you're back though. I miss your wit when you're gone.

  2. Cheers Tris.

    You're quite right though, a number of No Thanks signs adorn Scotland's countryside - a thing which makes me sad because I rather like Scotland's country side.

    Forres has some lovely welcoming Yes signs on the road in from G on S which was welcoming.

    Time is definitely running short, but for which side? I rather suspect the No side myself.


  3. Pa

    Totally agree, if it's a NO vote I will also be an insufferable prick when the shit hits the fan, which it will. I'll make sure I let every no voter that I am aware of that it's their fault. Again, like you, I'll probably be out of a job so will have to hit their facebooks from the local free internet access at Blackness Library once I have done my DWP 900 job applications in 15 minutes while dealing with my sanction letter for not applying for enough jobs or free labour at Tesco's cause they fund the Tory Party.

    However, I do think it will be a slim yes, I fear a no vote more than anything so it could be a defence mechanism but I just don't come across many no voters at all. I also hear of no voters changing to yes the closer we get so I am optimistic that Scottish voters might just say a big FY to Cameron and Westminster.

    Have a read of my blog once I post it as it really about similar things and how I am feeling right now about where we are at. Sorry for the self publicity lol.


  4. No need to apologise, post a link if you like (don't know if you can do that in the comments right enough.)

    I'm also predicting a narrow Yes win, I think the final push for a Yes vote will be key. The No vote has only gone down (despite what some say)while the Yes vote has risen.

    I'll have a read of your blog.



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