Wednesday, 14 January 2015

He's not a unionist, he's a very naughty boy.

The latest shtick from 'Scottish' Labour's Sales Manager (Northern Region) is that he's not actually a unionist.

Sold to the mug in the back row.
Jim has been telling us all the last couple of years were just a horrible dream - it seems he emerged dripping from the shower this morning just like Bobby Ewing did in Dallas, totally perplexed as to why any one ever thought he was a unionist. In the same way Pam Ewing, J.R. and Miss Ellie lived Dallas Series 9 as if Bobby was dead - we lived the past two years as if Jim was an outspoken crate-abusing British Establishment fanboy. Only none of it is true, its not him - its us. We've all been living a nightmare, we've been existing in an alternate reality where George Foulkes talks a lot of shit, bears do shit in the woods and Jim Murphy has been terrorising old folk into voting for a union that disadvantages them.

Instead, he's been explaining:
“I have never been a unionist... It’s never been my political tradition...
As a family of Irish Catholic immigrants we’re not unionists."
He went on to say: 
"I grew up in a family of trade-unionists, but we’re not political unionists.”
This is the bizarre bit, its even dafter than the Dallas plot device:
“A Conservative & Unionist tradition inside the Conservative Party and elements of the Liberal Democrats, and you had a trade-unionist and socialist solidarity tradition inside the Labour Party. For a moment there was an alignment for different reasons of political culture and history, but that moment is gone.”

Even the Daily Record - a paper that revels in a good bit of misrepresentation - adopted a tone of incredulity while reporting Jim's revelation; a revelation shared while Jim could have been at Westminster voting against yet more austerity which harms the poorest for whom he claims to be a champion.

We should read between the lines and take Jim's peculiar epiphany for what it actually is - an admission that the Union and anything associated with it is now toxic in Scotland. Even people who were at the vanguard of the No Campaign accept the referendum was won with fear - its that and an increasingly slender tendril of emotional attachment, mostly among old folk, that currently keeps the crumbling edifice from collapsing entirely.

Jim wants Scottish voters to believe he's taking a stand against interference in Scottish affairs from Westminster 'unionist' parties - including his own. What he's really doing is trying to distance himself and 'Scottish' Labour from the Union entirely because he knows its septic.

Unfortunately, he seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that he can deploy the same plot device staff writers on Dallas did with Bobby Ewing. Which begs the question; how stupid does he think Scottish voters are?

The moment Pam Ewing realises she's been dreaming all along and Jim Murphy isn't a Unio- Sorry, Bobby isn't dead.

Its probably only a matter of time before Jim tells us he's actually in the SNP.

"The fact is, I've never been in the Labour party..." - Jim Murphy, March 2015. 


  1. The fact is that Jim Murphy IS Nicola Sturgeon.

    I mean, have you ever seen them in the same room, together?

    So next time you show him getting out of a shower, would you have the decency to cover up his ladybits.

    Actually, the more I think about that the more I'm inclined to say...the next time you want to show him getting out of the shower.... don't!

    This could be a family blog you know!

    Seriously, I think he's gone mad.

    I mean you don't get on your Irn Bru crate and scream manically about vile nationalist viruses till you foam at the mouth and they are ordering up the straight jackets, if you're not a bit of a unionist. Can you?

    Clearly, if he's not mad, it must be that his a lying sack of shit who thinks that Scots who traditionally vote Labour zip up the back.

    1. This man is like a door to door out the boot of a car salesman.

      He says what he thinks you want to hear to buy his crap.

  2. :-)

    Its all quite odd isn't it? I wonder if McTernan had a sneaky wee trotter in developing this most recent wheeze?

    I now have an unfortunate mental image of Murphy in drag...

    Its nearly lunchtime as well...


  3. Enjoy your lunch....


  4. Pa

    Murphy, McTeirnan and their Unionist media pals are playing a real fast one with this Murphy Scottish Bombing. It's co-ordinated and it's all about the SNP, Labour in London will have devised and approved this. we can see it for the shit it is, but they know that and we know that, but it's about sowing doubt in the soft yes voters mind and so far they are doing a decent job. The media let them off the hook and the BBC are happy to reinforce their union with a zillion hours of free electoral broadcasts and the Tories on all sides won't open their mouths in complaint as it's all about the SNP and YES movements desire for real change.

    The alternative sides of the debate need to stop beeing alseep at the wheel on this one, the SNP need to get the finger out and get on the front foot about this and other things before it's too late. I'm going to blog later about something along those lines, just need to finish it after work and post.

    Murphy is a clown but this is about putting Scotland back in it's box with Murphy and the silly Dugdale happy to play their part for Ed, Blue Ed and Yellow Ed.


  5. Hi Bruce.

    One would at least hope after the debacle that was the press during indyref folks would be a wee bit more wise to it - could memories be that short?

    You are right though, if Dishonest Jim & Doughball Dugdale manage to convince enough traditional Labour voters that Scottish Labour have truly detached itself from London Labour, it will be damaging.

    Look forward to your blog tomorrow.

    Thanks as always fro commenting, always good to know what people are thinking.


    PS: Still getting over the mental image of Murphy in drag.

  6. That sums him up nicely right enough.

    Dusters & clothes pegs out of a patent leather briefcase.

  7. Even if "Scottish" labour do detach from Westminster Labour, surely they will still tow the party line, therefore it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference; unless they supported independence and actively campaigned for it.

  8. Hi J&A.

    You would think, I think since voters are just coming to terms with the idea of an existence without Westminster, perhaps 'Tartan' Labour are indulging in a spot of gradualism about their current problems.

    What I mean is, Jim and his cronies think 'Mac' Labour's normal voters might be amenable to a version 'Scottish Labour that works for them but also works with the UK party... Its basically a holding action.

    Even although the reality is, 'Shortbread' Labour will never put any Scottish voters first - it'll basically take another ten years for them to get that, then they'll vote yes in a referendum?

    Anything is possible with this crowd...

  9. Can I get some of the stuff that Jimbo's on? Seriously! I'm having a dreadful time with reality and would much prefer to live in an altered dimension such as he inhabits. To be so disconnected from the painful truths of life must be such a joy for him. He can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and not see the snivelling snake oil salesman!

  10. Hi there.

    It does make you wonder. I reckon Jim see's being a politician the same way an actor see's their job.

    He just puts his face on and gets on with it, all the other stuff around fantastical expense claims is just a bonus.

    I don't for example think Jim believes anything any more - he's just an empty dried up sociopathic husk.

  11. Apparently he was dim enough to believe that a bloke with YES badges all over his rucksack had just joined Labour for £1 because he was impressed with Jim's Scottish nationalism... So much he believed it that he tweeted about it proudly... Oooops! Mistake.

    Of course the bloke was pulling his chain. He had in fact joined Labour, for £1, but with the intent of going along to be disruptive.

    I imagine he'll be thrown out of the Labour Party now... Awww. But really, this is their new streetwise leader. What a dick.

  12. Sunny Jim has to convince Scottish Labour supporters that they are a left-wing party whilst his bosses in London try to convince their voters that they are a right-wing party on a par with the tories and UKIP.

  13. Hi Tris.

    Saw that on twitter, wonder if it'll be mentioned to a wider audience... Maybe not... ;-)

    John - succinctly put, its a quandary to be in. What worries me slightly is; he's doing a fair job of feigning disagreement with London Labour; one wonders if people are falling for it.


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