Tuesday, 6 January 2015

You Get What You Pay For...

What's worse than replacing Trident with another really expensive nuclear deterrent?

Replacing it with a really cheap one.

Similar to Ed Miliband's own ambitions to depose Dish Face Cameron and be prime minister; he wants to replace something incredibly expensive, not fit for purpose and crap for something incredibly cheap, not fit for purpose and crap.


Similar to VW's current TV ad campaign; the blundering cretin Miliband would prefer to have cheap nuclear bombs parked on the Clyde as opposed to expensive ones.

But wait, because that's not all. UK Labour with Ed at the controls is matching his policies with the entirely separate, stand-alone, nothing-to-do-with-us-no-sirree Scottish Labour - and pledging 1000 more budget nuclear warheads than, well, ummm, ANYONE ELSE.

Giddy readers might want to know how Ed is funding UK Labour's budget nuclear arsenal - he's going to instigate a 'hovel tax' because apparently; we don't have any fucking mansions in Scotland.

All aboard the Rocket Ship UK Labour. Your pilot today is Captain Ed Miliband. Refreshments will be served by our cabin boy Jim. Now; for your comfort, here's the lovely Kezia with some vital safety notices...


  1. Tell hum when you see him, I'll have a look in the pound shop. Bound to be something there.

    If we can't afford the fucking thing, and it isn't necessary, why in the name of the wee man, are we having it at all?

    Would it not be better to spend that money on keeping children out of food banks?

  2. Pound-shop missiles from a Pound-shop party.

    John Bell

  3. Hi Jim.

    Sums them up nicely. You would think with so much else desperately in need of cash, someone might suggest scrapping it all - I don't mean some mealy mouthed pish about a staged come down or some fudge - just scrap it.

    Miliband will never get to number ten, he's not human.

    I'll be in Musselburgh pound shops on Saturday Tris, buying gifts for a party so I'l keep my eyes peeled.

    Thanks for reading - always appreciated.

    Paul B.


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