Monday, 5 June 2017

Its all in the tone...

Got to say, I'm not as invested in the current political pantomime as I was in the 2014 referendum and subsequent performances - but one of the points marking the parties out in 2017 is demeanour.

Over here you have the increasingly demanding barks coming from the Tories and UKIP, while over there you have the soporific - almost hypnotically reasonable - tones of, well; parties who are not  the Tories.

Watching the leaders debates (if you can be arsed that is), what I've seen in support of Team Theresa; at best - are those who think the impoverished are a threat so want to yank the ladder up behind them. And at worst, those who seem hell bent on knowing if the elected PM would incinerate millions in nuclear conflagration.

If I lived in England, I'd vote Labour*. Okay, some of their economic policies might be a bit outre, but does anyone think May's policies (which are already biting hard, and not just in terms of personal wealth) would be any better? Of course, you have to take manifesto funding with a pinch of salt, but at least Labour tried. All the Conservatives do is remind us there's no such thing as a magic money tree... Except when it comes to dropping bombs or buying submarines to carry bombs, or destabilising middle eastern states, you know - that sort of thing.

Of course, we know there is such a thing as a money tree - 2008 wasn't that long ago. However, that particular genus of topiary can only be plucked by the UK's finance sector (especially when it benefits the spouses and business interests of certain public servants). The name of the tree may-as-well only be in Latin - its called Quantitative Easing. Its an evergreen variety, it sprouts cash all year round (half a trillion smacks so far) - just not for the people who really need it.

The Conservatives are all about 'strong and stable', which seems to translate into overly-entitled and demanding, while pretty much all the other parties take a more conciliatory tone, which the Conservatives (and associated media incubi) like to translate into weak and chaotic (as opposed to nuclear obliteration - which wouldn't be chaotic at all right enough...)

This election boils down to tone. Are you the kind of person who goes through life with a burning sense of entitlement? Do you feel the world owes you tribute and should bend and bow to your wishes - even if you don't really have the clout to back your expectations up - and it hurts others? Or do you feel that - in the absence of gunboats - sitting down to reach a mutually beneficial compromise would be more wise?

I think this is the difference between Yes and No voters too. Independence supporters always understood and were comfortable with compromise. Where-as unionists (especially the die hard types) still think they should just have it all by rights. They're fish swimming in a pond so murky, they no longer have a sense of scale (ha ha) of it or themselves.

Tory Britain is already the Veruca Salt of the international community, its actually a wee bit embarrassing. 

Nobody wants to be a bad egg right?

* I live in Scotland, the only way to vote is SNP - until such times as those other parties start working for us and not the party whip at Westminster.

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