Monday, 12 June 2017

That election...

So the SNP took a drubbing, but started from an artificial high. In 2015, they went from 6 to 57 MP's, off the back of a betrayal by unionist parties who promised so much to get a No vote, then delivered approximately fuck all.
Last week, they held on to more than half of those MP's, with a normalisation of representation, differences around Brexit and hysterical unionist screechings about independence - those last two at the forefront of the media in Scotland.
Meanwhile Ruthy and Kez, who between them only barely scraped together half as many seats as the SNP, are still trying to dictate terms.
That mindset among Unionist politicians hasn't changed (it's got a lot worse), and it demonstrates why a unionist Brexit is going to be a massive shit show. The arrogance gets our hackles up, what's it going to do with a bunch of flinty-eyed EU negotiators?
Am I pissed off? Yes. A lot of decent, honest hardworking MP's - who spoke more often, attended more debates and claimed less in expenses than their predecessors - have gone, only to be replaced by place-men not beholden to their Scottish constituents, but to the party whip in London.
For any international readers (you never know), the Scottish Conservatives won 13 out of 59 Scottish seats, the SNP won 35. The Conservatives increased their seat count but still came a poor second. I'm only mentioning it because currently, the UK press are doing 'a Nuttall' and making it seem as if Ruth Davidson's benighted Conservatives won everything from the Boer War to Blankety fucking Blank.
And now it looks as if - even after over-playing for weeks any tenuous links Corbyn had with the IRA - in a tour d' force of hypocrisy, the Tories will now seek some sort of deal with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) of Northern Ireland. There are a number of problems with this not limited to the DUP's beyond childish grasp of evolution and, you know - reality. It's also the rampant homophobia and opposition to women's rights...
But also because - as I understand it - according to the Good Friday Agreement, the British Government (so the Conservative & Unionist Party) is the final arbiter of disputes at Stormont... And if the Tories are in some sort of unwritten coalition with the DUP (which does have links with loyalist terror groups) - it does rather fly in the face of fairness and, well, the entire premise of the Good Friday Agreement.
Hats off to Corbyn for giving May a stiff figurative twat upside the head, she needed it more than most, the horrible old autocrat that she is. 
Personally, from her days as Home Secretary, I've always thought Theresa May was a fetishist when it came to looking - but not really being - in control. She seems to think being 'strong and stable' means coming to a decision then assuming a dead glassy-eyed look and repeating insipid vacuous mantras if circumstances change and she turns out to be wrong. 
During the election campaign, did anyone ever hear her answer a question or admit she got something wrong? Its just not within her programming to do so, Theresa May lives in a world where compromise is weakness and contrition doesn't exist because she can do no wrong.
We are now all of us on a collision course with a long a varied list of things that'll be sideswiped, crushed and tossed over the roof - be that our relationship with the EU or Northern Ireland's relationship with the Republic of Ireland.
UK politics over the past 20-odd years has broken 'British' society - such as it was. And now that broken society is turning on itself. I don't agree with Corbyn when it comes to the union (although I think he'd talk honestly if it came to it), but his increased vote does gladden the heart, will it be enough to reverse our course though?
The UK is in a dive with a bumbling idiot at the controls - a bumbling idiot who is so catastrophically inhibited, she isn't capable of being aware of her shortcomings let alone anything else. I'm beginning to worry how many people she'll take out before we replace her at the helm.

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