Friday, 20 September 2013

Cowardly antics

If you want an example of craven cowardice, grasping desperation and out-and-out thick-headed attention seeking you wouldn't go far wrong with Thursday's edition of the Daily Mail. As newspapers go, we know what to expect but the two faced nature of the publication in this instance really needs to be highlighted.

As you can see, The Mail publishes two different editions - one for Scotland and another for the rest of the UK. The image above shows Thursday's edition, you can tell which one is which.

Simon Heffer - the chubby-faced gentleman you can see in the (upper) rUK version was responsible for the article 'Why the Scots must quite the UK'. (This hyperlink to the story takes you to an archived version, its obvious clickbait for the Daily Mail - best not to give them the hits.) By way of a hint, here's a wee snippet of Heffer's banter:

This is not an official Better Together image, not even they are that stupid.
(How unfair and biased am I.)

Now, so far so insulting. I don't mind a bit of harsh reportage, we've all heard and (some) enjoyed the rapier-like cut-and-thrust of debate, the banter on Have I Got News For You or Mock the Week. The thing is, the back and forth you hear on these types of programs usually (Susan Calman not-with-standing) have some basis in fact, Simon Heffer's opinion on the other hand is pure unadulterated shit.

Heffer is typical of a strain of Britnat that infests the corridors of the British Establishment. They come from all corners of the UK and maniacally espouse the notion - fueled by a denial of the end of empire - that Britain is still great, that the UK still works well under the beneficent rule of Westminster.  People like Heffer know full well Scottish revenue kept & keeps the UK afloat and has done so for the past 30 years and more. When he and his ilk puke up the kind of bilge above about English money - he knows its Scottish money because in this bastard union, Scottish money IS British money and British money is English money.

When that useless arse Gordon Brown - another British Nationalist with his snout firmly in the trough -  talked in Govan about pooling and sharing resources, he was being 50% honest. Westminster are past-masters at pooling resources from all around the world, what it isn't so great at is sharing. HS2, the new London sewage system, the Olympics, the jubilee celebrations - all part funded by Scottish revenue but Scotland didn't gain nor will gain anything from it. The high speed rail project costing upwards of £40 billion stops 200 miles from the Scottish border yet we're paying a per capita share for it - be in no doubt, Scotland is and will continue to be a cash cow for Westminster and people like Heffer will continue to believe - as scions of the British Establishment - that Scotland's income is their income.

Simon Heffer represents a slender yet voluble slice of British society, it includes Scottish people like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, they are fully immersed in and cosseted by the union. Putting to one side the labels, would a smaller group of people want to be part of a larger group when sections of that larger group feel such deep ire for them? Are Better Together and its supporters the new kids at some terrible private school trying desperately to pull the prefect's coat tails round their narrow shoulders for protection? Even although the bigger kids think they're useless sponging dopes happy to see their dinner money 'pooled' for the greater good of the bigger boys - is the United Kingdom some sort of cult praying on those with dependency issues?

The Daily Mail aided & abetted by the corpulent Simon Heffer have used forecasts from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (a Westminster invention known & loved by the Daily Mail because of its overly conservative figures where Scottish revenues are concerned) and used them to rubbish Scotland as a going concern. What is more, the Daily Mail and Heffer didn't have the guts to print it in the Scottish edition, we got a puff piece about Prince William's dog instead.

(Digressing slightly, the MOD had to put down a German and a Belgian Shepherd (called Brus and Blade respectively.) The two dogs guarded RAF Valley where Prince William was stationed. The MOD said Brus had come to the end of his working life and Blade had 'behavioural problems'. Obviously the dogs were trained killers so not conducive to normal rehoming efforts. The MOD clearly did not exhaust all avenues in their efforts to rehome the dogs - I believe Blade and Brus would have flourished at Northcliffe House in Kensington.)

Many of us have friends in England, while we can only hope they don't read the Daily Mail, that it has taken it upon itself to turn them against us makes things somewhat personal. It is a display of wanton irresponsibility to print this shit in England and one of craven, yellow-bellied gutlessness to not do so in Scotland. The Daily Mail is a doltish rag, anyone walking out of a newsagent with a copy must have it confiscated immediately, rolled up tightly, then be beaten around the back of the legs until they come to their senses.

By voting no next September, you're voting to stay in a union ran by an establishment doing its best to make the wider citizenry of said union hate your grasping, lager-sodden, substance-addled guts.

Each time some daft buffoon attempts to enforce the grasping sense of entitlement that typifies the British Establishment, more people in Scotland are turned on to the truth surrounding Scotland's actual place in this discordant union..

We should probably thank Simon, sometimes we on this side of things jokingly refer to the more dire unionist proponents as spies or agents-in-place for Yes Scotland. He on the other hand is exactly what he appears to be: a feeble-minded cretin.


  1. Dear Mr Broon,

    Do you want to join a casino or enlarge your penis?

    You can't do both; you can't do neither; you must chose.

    Signed: Bulgarian trainee surgeon aged 17 3/4.

    Anyway, while you make up your mind, I'll just say that Heffer makes me puke.

    I'm fed up trying to be politically correct. He's a horrible fat, ugly, ginger liar from La La Land.

    I agree with everything you said above. I'm sick of the shit they write and speak. They lie and they get away with it, because, whatever party they support, they are unionist papers from London.

    Of course they don't have the nerve to print that bile about Scotland in Scotland, but I'm not sure that they understand that we have internet here and that it's the English Daily Mail that goes on the website, along with all the tits, arse and gossip that their elderly readership doesn't see because it still hasn't worked out how to switch on the computer.

    People like Ginger make it a real pleasure for me to think that in a year's time we can kiss goodbye to these dinosaurs living in their imaginary world of empire, cricket, stiff collars and Fortnum & Mason, while the country crumbles around them... a bit like Miss Havisham with their great expectations.

    I won't relish the state that England will be left in, but it will be amusing to see the bewilderment on the likes of this twat's face as we join the real world, and they stay in their weird little corner.

    Hope the karaoke is going well...

  2. Thanks for the comment. :-)

    I think I'll pass on the Bulgarian goods thanks, if I fancy being taken for a ride, I'll just read the British press. ;-)

    What a day though, it soon became apparent I wasn't going to be able to find any one such was the crowd. I saw Rev Stu around but didn't approach initially, I rarely comment so he (and the WoS crowd generally) wouldn't who I was anyway.

    Couldn't even find Yes East Lothian or Yes LBGT. Ended up walking with Yes Arran, Yes Dundee and Yes Falkirk (with Stuart Hosie at one point.) I also walked a bit with a woman I'm sure is on the telly, an MSP or something but I couldn't place her at all....

    I also kept an eye out for Munguin but again, the crowds grew so quickly it was difficult to get around.

    I say again though, Simon Heffer to one side - what a great day.


  3. I really am so sorry I missed you, Paul.

    I did talk to Stu, although I'm sure he hadn't a clue who I was. But he gave Munguin a badge, so that was fine.

    I saw Humza, and had a little chat with him. Brilliant fun as always; that guy's a great big pile of niceness. Later I met up with Stewart and Shona. But like you, I never got to see anyone from the blog.

    And there were so many I wanted to speak to.

    What a load of lovely people I met that I didn't know though. Everyone was friendly; everyone was sharing. It was just stunningly good. What we can be and such an eclectic mix of people.

    Oh well, maybe we can be better organised next year.

  4. I imagine, no I know, that as the referendum approaches we will get more and more articles of that nature but more cleverly edited in the Scottish version of these papers.

    If you go back to the Lamont accusation at FMQ regarding John McGlynn. If you just saw that on FMQ, reporting Scotland that evening and next day's Scotsman you would be left with the suspicion that the SNP and the business-man were up to no good. we know differently but do most of the general public who relied on these media outlets?

  5. I think so too John.

    Surely though, you don't have to be a political anorak to know whats going on though, its pretty obvious?

    I wonder if this grassroots campaigning is going to be enough. I mean, we can blog and put folk right, but its really rather annoying when a story like John McGlynn pops up - the SNP/SG did nothing wrong - yet the general public deem the truth of the matter to be too boring to bother with.

    Meh, all we can do is keep plugging away when ever possible.

  6. Yes, Heffer is a twerp, much like Joan McAlpine and her stupid anti-Scottish utterances. You can read his stuff in Scotland, though, but I tend just to send him abusive emails.

    He is just another one of those people who seek to divide us all up; you know, "Lord Snooties" on the one side and Scottish benefit-scroungers on the other. Cartoons, both. You can judge the idiots who expound this drivel by those who come out with it.

    Luckily, the overwhelming majority of us recognize that fact and aren't falling for it, or for the Salmond/Sturgeon/Swinney plan to spend the same income two or three times.

    So. let's all get together and give the YESNP a good boot up the bottom from the people of Scotland and not let them destroy our Union!


  7. Its not us who destroyed union, its Westminster.

    The SNP didn't make the UK one of the most unequal countries in the western world. Scotland doesn't want to spend billions on nuclear weapons we'll never use instead of caring for our elderly or a host of other things the money could be spent on.

    And as for the accusation on Swinney etc spending the same cash 'two or three time over?' That's got to be the daftest most hypocritical thing I've heard in defence of the Union since Cameron's speech this morning.

    Seriously, do actually mean to accuse the SNP/Scottish Government of spending money they don't have even although its books actually balance?

    Do you seriously think I can let a comment like that go by without pointing out the utter stupidity of its premise and your total ignorance of the reality?

    What the actual fuck do you think Westminster has been doing these past two or more decades?

    Or did you think the UK £1.3tr DEFICIT just appeared out of thin air.

    Christ, you unionists can be hellishly dim at times.


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