Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vince Cable

Its another one of these posts.

So, who is Vince Cable and why is he the subject of this post?

Here he is:

Oh dear. That's not Vince Cable at all, that was Patrick Stewart in his role as Dr Xavier.

This is Vince Cable:

Vince Cable is a Liberal Democrat politician representing that well known Scottish town of Twickenham, he's also the most recent emissary sent by Westminster to tell us all what a crap idea self-government is - its obviously much better having our interests looked after by people who don't actually represent our interests.

Vince Cable - up until the Libdems joined forces with the Tories - used to be quite popular, it was often said his was a lone voice warning of the credit crunch and subsequent economic crash in 2008. While all that may be true, it is a testament to the seemingly endless ability of Westminster politicians, who on the surface seem to be quite decent - to be terrible sell-outs who'll say anything they're told for a sniff of power.

With that in mind, Vince will be up in Scotland, presumably in his capacity as Secretary for Business, Innovation & Skills,  to present yet another Westminster analysis telling us how bad independence would be for Scotland. The ever-fair BBC are reporting with the headline -Scottish referendum: Independence will cost Scotland jobs, says Cable

Apparently breaking up the UK's Single Market will result in barriers springing up and trade-busting red tape crashing down severely restricting commerce between Scotland and the rest of the UK, or the UK and Scotland, or Scotland and the rest of the world... In any case, what ever it is; it'll be bad. Despite trade going on largely unfettered between other countries - many of which have never been in a union with each other - Westminster via the grandfatherly Vince, tells us it'll all become really, really difficult.

There will be new business regulations in place, Scottish firms will have reduced access to the UK single market (although no one explains how) and tax and pension complications would spring up for people who work cross-border (although other workers around Europe manage just fine.) Indeed, countries in Europe manage to have cities which straddle borders, I'm pretty sure the workers in those cities don't keep to their own ends for work - why would it be like that for Scotland and the rest of the UK?

Vince Cable, seen here being kept hard at work by a white robot went on to say:

Shit, that's Frank Langella isn't it? I need to pay more attention to the pictures I'm downloading. I  might say, if that was Vince Cable, the robot might be one of those cybernats we keep hearing about poised to launch a tirade of abuse* while the hapless Vince (or Frank in this instance) innocently beavers away with his tools.

Anyway, I digress. The report also talks about  transport and communication infrastructure - apparently Scottish haulage firms might have to pay extra to drive on English roads, broadband infrastructure in the North would lag behind the rest of the UK and those who like to post pictures of their tea on Facebook via their mobile phones would have to pay roaming charges in the rest of the UK.

Since Scotland is a part of the UK, Hauliers already pay to use UK roads - its a classic example of Westminster double counting - the old fall back position of ignoring the fact that people & business' in Scotland already more than pay their way in the UK. If we vote yes in 2014; we'd be paying directly to a Scottish government. Currently, it goes to Westminster where a good percentage is skimmed off the top and spent by a Tory government we didn't vote for with a paltry sum being sent back up the road. 

Again we're being subjected to this argument from unionists that attempts to persuade us that while we are an essential valued partner in the UK and all its workings -  absolutely none of the money you send to the UK treasury counts for anything. 

Of course, a Scottish Government could raise the rate of excise duty on HGV's - but they could also drop it to stimulate trade -  the point is, it would be our choice.

The report is a real festival of fear but descends into farce with mobile phone roaming charges, according to Westminster, England would become a 'foreign country' on Indy. Scots if visiting could be hit with extra charges - except - all roaming charges are to be scrapped under new EU laws before 2016, well in advance of Scottish Independence day. The irony is, if Westminster Tories do deliver an in/out EU referendum those roaming charges might apply after all - but not because of anything Scottish voters did.

The double-counting deployed in support of Scotland remaining part of the UK ignores what Scottish taxpayers already contribute year on year toward the upkeep of the UK state - they just add the estimated costs (usually highly inflated) of a new Scottish state on top. That they resort to such disingenuous methods to bolster their arguments surely is evidence in itself of a shortage of integrity and honesty in their cause?

If there was any doubt about the fear we should be feeling about Scottish Independence, here is an image of Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations, Consumer & Postal Affairs and Really Long Job Titles hiding behind a curtain in abject terror.

I don't think this is Jo Swinson.

* Tirade of abuse = being corrected.


  1. Mr Cameron has told us how much he respects and loves the Scots.

    He tells us that our history has been together (although most of it hasn't, but he knows about history you could write on a small stamp in big letters).

    He says there is an emotion bond... presumably because some of his ancestors shot some of their best stags in the country.

    He says that the UK would lose so much if Scotland left (which for once is actually true. It would lose billions of pounds worth of oil).

    But for all that he tells us, when we complain about the disproportionate amount of money Scotland spends on defence or the BBC, for example compared with the small amount of benefits it gets from it, that without England, we'd be flying by the seat of our pants. Then he and his Eton/Oxford cronies with whom he surrounds himself, all chortle in that lower upper class way that wannabe posh people with money but little breeding have.

    I understand that there was a further put down today, something about being behind Serbia and Kosovo in our attempts to get into the EU (in which he may or may not have noticed, we actually are... not to mention the fact that they may well not be, if Nigel and half the Tory party have their way). Very full of love and respect is Mr Cameron.

    The scare story a day, that is almost inevitably proved to be utter shite, is beginning to wear thin, even with No supporters, or at least with some of the unionist media who must be beginning to be embarrassed to print the rubbish that spews from the BT leadership, Certainly some of the readers of my blog, who are supporters of the union, have been much less enthusiastic nos of late...

    I'm waiting, and have been waiting to hear one positive thing about the union that doesn't involve little Britain playing at being a big shot.

    And I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how being on the security council or G8 actually does ME any good.

    I have not yet been invited to talk at the UN, to fly first class, to meet President Obama or the King of Saudi Arabia. The only effect I can see is that my taxes are bigger and my services lower because I have to help maintain the wherewithal for Dick Head Cameron to ponse around doing these things...like he mattered any more than the Danish or Icelandic prime ministers or any other broke little country.

    When will these morons see that they are only tolerated at that level because they do everything that America tells them to do?

    As for Cable. What a cop out he is. I rated him. Then he became a Tory.

    He's a nob!

  2. Can't argue with any of that.

    This constant negativity is beginning to grind. I think most folk know there will be some uncertainty but watching newsnight Scotland last night had me cursing at the BBC yet again, some wee nyaff called Ian Murray gurning away unfettered, then Blair Jenkins comes on and isn't allowed to speak without being interrupted.

    The wee nyaff and Brewer wanted certainty and were accusing the Yes side of negativity and not giving answers.

    The thing is, Yes are talking about negativity that IS happening while No talk about negativity that might happen - even-although - its all incredibly unlikely.

    Since 'likelihood' is basically what both sides have to deal with, is it not wise to talk about what is most likely to be the case, not, as with BT what is most unlikely?

    Meanwhile, Cameron gets to sit and remain aloof while all the gonks make tits of themselves with daft arguments about why self-government would be wrong - exclusively - for Scotland.

    They're all nobs.


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