Monday, 19 August 2013

A wee pictorial digression.


is David Miranda, who's partner is

Glenn Greenwald.

Glenn Greenwald (a Guardian Journalist) helped scoop the story on sensitive US data leaked by:

ex-CIA contractor Edward Snowden. (Currently behind a sofa in Russia.)

Meanwhile, David Miranda was stopped for nine hours at Heathrow Airport  under 'anti terror' laws (section 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000) while travelling back to Rio De Janeiro where he lives with Glenn Greenwald. He said he was questioned at length by up to six 'agents' - 'about everything'.

David Miranda is Brazilian.

(He was released eventually and allowed to return to Rio.)


  1. Strange they should feel it necessary to interview the partner of the person who aided the leaking...

    Strange that they felt the moral obligation to get involved at all since it seems like it's sod all to do with them.

    And finally I wish I lived in Rio, out of the reach of harm of the Tories and their vileness.

  2. If its a no in 2014, Rio it is.


  3. Ok. Isso soa como uma boa idéia. Você vê, eu já estou trabalhando no meu Portuguse

  4. Funnily enough, I was just going to say that...


  5. I know you were... but I reckoned you might not be able to spell it, so I did it for you.

    Have you seen the story that the Guardian now has released about having their computers smashed by GCHQ in case they contained any materials that might be useful to China?

    Time we were far away from these agents of America.

  6. Its getting ever more sinister isn't it, sooner Scotland makes its own way the better.

    I also see Scotland Yard have declared Miranda's detention 'legally and procedurally sound'

    I suppose they would say that... I still think he's lucky UKBA agents etc didn't smash his head in lest it had damaging information within.

    Really don't like this slippery slope.

  7. I look forward to a statement from Mrs may.

    In future, of course, if the UK government cannot be trusted to allow people to go about the business of reporting the news, newspapers and reporters will be obliged to do it from more democratic states, and those less in thrall to the USA, like, for example, Brazil.

  8. Aye.

    When Cameron, Obama etc are on the telly attempting to convey civility & integrity while chiding other countries for their supposed poor behaviour, it just looks incredibly two faced and hypocritical.

    Living in Britain is a bit like growing up with parents who you come to realise are total fucking arseholes. You move from an innocently naive trust to one of total doubt.

    The difference? Most parents put their hands up and admit they were guessing, (or fronting as the youth of today would say.) Meanwhile people like Cameron attempt with increasing desperation to maintain the myth.

    Its actually quite patronising.


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