Friday, 30 August 2013

Ruth Davidson gum-bumping again

She's nothing if not tenacious, but then, she has that look about her. I suppose tenacity isn't just desirable for a Tory in Scotland, its essential.

Photographed during an a capella rendition of Rule Britannia.

Among other things, she said:

"If we were to leave the United Kingdom it would inevitably mean one set of rules and regulations in Scotland and another set just across the border in the remainder of the UK,"


"Different financial regulations, different employment laws, different insurance requirements, different tax authorities, different accreditation and qualifications with which small companies would be obliged to contend - all barriers to trade, obstructions to economic growth and impediments to the job creation in Scotland we all want to see."

She also vomited out a load of figures which meant nothing because the premise she deployed above while true - is also false. It's 'inevitable' because what she claims will cause insurmountable problems has actually been the case since the beginning of the Union.

"A sixth of a million Scottish jobs, nearly £10 billion of financial service exports, and most of that built on doing business within the single UK market. The facts are clear: Scotland is more successful and more prosperous by working in partnership with the rest of the three nations in the UK."
'A sixth of a million Scots jobs...' Why not just say 166,666 - or did that not sound like enough? Maybe we could talk about the one fourth of a million kids in Scotland who'll be living in poverty by 2020 if your party is allowed to continue what it's doing?

If I understand what Ruth is saying, Scotland generates (nearly) £10 billion in financial services exports, the tax from which goes to the UK treasury. Bear with me here, the UK treasury is currently controlled by a Tory-led coalition - a coalition that knows Scotland did not vote for it. 

What is more likely, the Tory-led government - realising that it can win Westminster elections without Scottish votes will a) send money north to garner votes it doesn't need or b) use it in the south to get the votes it does need.

I think Ruth's definition of a partnership is a bit skewed. 

Besides all that, she's horribly behind the times, these arguments have been debunked so often, I'm not sure why she bothers.

I'm not big on the emotional 'wha's like us' stuff, I don't really give a shit about all that. But what kind of person is so willing not just to do their country down but to actually do it a disservice, to damage the prospects of the people growing up within it? These reheated arguments are not facts, they're fabricated opinions-of-convenience based on half-truths, disinformation and cherry-picked statistics.

Ruth Davidson is doing two things here, she's preaching to a home crowd while keeping others good and scared. I'm not aware of any pragmatic reasons for voting no in 2014, (obviously I would say that,) but to do so because a bunch of amoral troughers assisted by their sycophant hingers-on kept you...

Me again.


Well, if you don't end up kicking yourselves, I dare say there might be a few eager volunteers.

Figuratively speaking of course.


  1. Ruth is Cameron's woman. I think she was chosen because she was utterly faithful to him and, unlike Annabel, had no political experience or brains, both of which Goldie has in abundance.

    Goldie had to go. She was clever and astute, and Cameron was a total nob with no experience who owed his position to the fact that someone at the palace liked him. (Terrible taste they have at the palace.)

    She only echos what Downing Street tells says: lines in sand, no lines in sand, no more powers, powers. They can afford to appoint a numpty. She's never actually going to have any responsibility. It's not like she's a future FM.

    Even Willie Whit Cun Ye Dae Rennie at least has a vague chance of being DFM...

  2. I find Ruth Davidson to be annoying and not very good. I agree with Tris about Goldie, she was the only one who gave Salmond a run for his money and she did it with brains and humour, both of which are sadly lacking in the opposition now. Still wee Ruthie should be happy in some ways, she does out shine Willie Rennie.


  3. Ruth is a classic example of the management consultant let loose in real life, she manages to say a lot yet not a lot.

    I don't care that she babbles a lot of shite, I just can't understand why anyone would so blithely and enthusiastically do the country of her birth down so much.

    As I said, nationality itself isn't the important thing - its governance. But, on this point the two happen to go hand in hand. Doing down a country to some how convince its people they 'cannae dae it' when they so obviously can...

    Well, its quite annoying really.

    And wee Willie 'if-I-followed-you-home-would-you-keep-me' Rennie... He just seems so harmless, and ultimately, I think he probably is.


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