Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Driving Nationalist Tendencies.

I was hoping to finish the year on a positive note but then I came to my senses - there isn't much that separates Christmas and New Year in terms of faux expectation and eventual disappointment. I was going to try and avoid adding to it but then I saw this:

There's not much left to say and not much of 2014 remaining to say it - except...

Do fuck off Claire.


  1. Yes Fuck off Claire. Twice or more times.

    How bloody dare you assume that I am take pride in your banner? You feel proud to carry it if you want, you brainwashed moron. I spit on it.

    I'll get a French diving licence or come to that a bloody Zimbabwean one, rather that carry your warmongering banner.

    Fuck off again.

  2. She can shove that idea.

    Awe the best for 2015

  3. Tris / Paul

    Going to reply to both blogs in one go, I hope you both don't mind. My feelings on the Union Flag are no secret as usual. I find it to be a disgusting symbol of everything that is awful in this country. Having been to places like Ghana, people in other parts of the world see this awful flag very differently. It is a flag of oppression for many of them, it is also a flag of oppression for us also.

    I know people will see that comment as extreme and ridiculous but it is how I feel about the butchers apron. Now like you Tris, I tend to not really give a crap about flags, Americans saluting theirs etc. I find all a bit boring to be honest but ours is by far the worst. The Union Flag I believe is rolled out to keep people in their place, the Queen, Wars, Royal Weddings, Olympics and the list goes on. All to promote either what this country is not and has never been and to remind the lower orders of their place, in the case of the driving licence, which won't happen anyway, it is about reminding Europe about England not the UK and how it feels.

    I can't stand looking at it, not that the St. Andrews Cross makes me feel any more Scottish, the Union flag does embarrass me. But then when abroad if asked I distance myself as much as possible from the UK and always say I'm Scottish and that is it. I am not British and never will be no matter how desperate Westminster is for us all to be English or to at least go away and enjoy our lower life expectancy and poverty.

    Nope, they are rolling this out to send a wee silly message, they really are that stupid.


  4. Hello all.

    Tris, don't hold back now ;-)

    I try not to get overly exercised about flags, they are subjective things. Personally, I cringe when I see the union jack/flag/woteva - equally - when I see the saltire I regard it as the Scottish flag, I don't go into a nationalistic swoon and don face paint.

    What bugged me about this was Claire wotsherpus's assumption about us all having pride in a flag - which ever it may be.

    Tris said it best; she's a brainwashed moron.

    Thanks all for reading over the past 12 months, I hope it wasn't too arduous. Look forward to reading yours over the next 12 months. It should be good.


  5. Hey... you know I really enjoy reading your blog. You so underestimate your talents as a writer and humorist.

    Also loved your ebooks. You manage to mix fact with wit...

    Thanks for your support over the year Paul. It's greatly appreciated.


  6. Thanks for saying Tris.

    Yours was one of the first blogs I started to read on a regular basis, before that, I didn't pay online stuff much attention.

    Much of what informed my vote came from your writing.

    Be interesting to see what this year brings.


  7. I'm touched by that Paul. Thanks. I had no idea.

    Yes. This is going to be a fantastically exciting year... again!


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