Thursday, 18 September 2014

Can you feel it?

Which ever way you're voting today, this is a day like no other. Never before in Scotland has a democratic vote meant as much as this one. From your brain, across your shoulder then down your arm through the tip of a tiny pencil hangs the balance. Even if you're voting No - although you'd be voting to give away power - you are voting with tangible capability.

This vote isn't about choosing between three or four insipid candidates, picking the best of a bad bunch or the lesser of two evils - its about choosing to reject those depressingly empty options for something better.

Of course there are risks but there are also opportunities - great opportunities. The notion that we need to be looked after by a London based establishment, that we couldn't do it as well or better ourselves; is outdated nonsense.

The notion that it is wiser to hand power to people who do not rely on our mandate than to award it to people who do - is fatuous.

Vote well today Scotland, because if you do not, no other vote will count for a very long time indeed.

Most of all though - vote with hope, not fear.

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