Friday, 19 September 2014

Well, this is embarrassing...

So there it is, 54.3% of voters fell for the No Campaign while Yes Scotland managed a respectable but insufficient 44.7%.

It is a disappointment, I thought it would be closer. As I've said elsewhere, I'm not sure what it means to be a proud or patriotic Scot. We have nice scenery, decent pubs and many attributes, but I've never been asked to do anything for my country and certainly, just being born in a place doesn't qualify any one to feel proud about it.

What I am at the moment is mildly ashamed to be Scottish.

I don't like to think we bottled it although there will be many who did just that - add in the hundreds of thousands of comfortable middle class voters who only saw the debate in terms of some perceived narrow nationalism so had no clue about the real issues. I think many thought the Yes Campaign was driven by some misty-eyed tourist-tea-towel-inspired whim - they didn't explore each side of the debate properly because they never took it seriously in the first place.

So now, we're in the ignoble position of seeing what was one of the most negative, misleading and pinch-faced campaigns in recent history meet its goal. Johann Lamont, Ruth Davidson, Jim Murphy and (dear God) The Oily Jackie Baillie are all claiming victory in Scotland. Led by politicians who weren't any good to begin with and who in the past have displayed eye watering contempt for normal standards of morality - are a majority of the Scottish electorate really just timorous suckers?

Paradoxically - because I don't blame them one bit - I hope the voters who felt bullied into voting No are regarding themselves with a gentle frisson of regret. And to the cynics who voted No because they whine - "nothing ever changes..." - I hope your next shite is a hedgehog because the cynicism that drove your No vote was created by the same people who wanted you to vote that way all along. I dare say - in between being so accustomed to being right you've forgotten what its like to be wrong - you'll still get the chance to feel superior.

It'll still be interesting, people who bought into the last-gasp more-powers arguments will be first to start doubting their choice - did they not think paying tax for services then paying tax again for the same services seemed suspicious? Can we coin a phrase and call that Pyramid Taxation? Then there are those who voted No but decided they can continue to complain about Westminster cross-party fuckwittey, (I call these people UK Labour Faithful.) They'll never understand it doesn't matter who they vote for at Westminster; unless their hopes happen to gel with the English electorate and London business interests, they'll never get the government they vote for.

I don't really know what to say about the demographic that never thought we'd manage in the first place - knowledge tends to build confidence, is there any excuse for being willfully ignorant yet still know your actions will affect others so detrimentally? The referendum is being redrawn as a victory for democracy and in terms of turn out it certainly was that - unfortunately it was also a victory for rank ignorance & self-inflicted naivety.

And finally, those that voted No because you thought it would be a No anyway... 

I suppose, in the final analysis Scotland has always had to lie in a bed made by others. We had a limited time during which we could have changed that but instead; we chose to revert to type.

There are some things I am glad to take away from the debate; the people I've met, 
if not in person then certainly in hope & aspiration (there are too many to link to in this sentence - you know who you all are.) The satire & great humour of the No campaign for which the No side had no parallel and a much greater understanding of politics in the UK and Scotland's place in it.

I'm leaving the Yes stickers on my car to show I still and always will believe a Yes vote was righteous. While I'm slightly ashamed to be Scottish today, I'll always feel good about being part of the Yes Campaign.


  1. We are the 45% - we're down - yes, but we're far from out. The 55%, whether stupid, afraid or too self-absorbed to see the damage they did, will realise their mistake, and we'll be there to remind them, and to lead from the front next time round!

  2. Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered

  3. Pa

    I guess it's not a day to say too much due to the anger and disappointment I feel. I am proud to be a part of the 45 and will always resent the 55 who let us all down. Don't go in for the good loser shite as I know we were right and they are wrong. I will always hate the labour Party until the day I die and will really be making the effort next year to ensure those fuckers don't get elected although I will not vote in that election, my days of voting in Westminster elections are gone. I want no part of it.

    Anyway my first thought this morning strangely enough was Ewan McGregor when he acted and said

    " It’s shite being Scottish. We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fuckin’ earth. Most people hate the English. I don’t. Some of them are just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonised by Tory and Labour wankers. We can’t even find a decent culture to be colonised by. It’s a shite state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and no amount of fresh air is gonna’ make any fuckin’ difference".

    I made a couple of changes but the truth hurts.


  4. Hello locheeluftwaffe.

    Its what we need to do, keep up this enthusiasm, there are still lies being told and already Miliband and Brown's words are unraveling.


    I think like you, the more I read today, the more unionist comments on twitter I see, I can feel my self building up. I'm trying to be sanguine about it but its tough.

    I can accept the result (grudgingly) but I will never accept the methods deployed by BT and the array of self-interested fibbers that brought us to this point.

    Labour are due a reckoning in Scotland, will people here not learn? The Tories did it and now Labour are doing it.

    Its this bastard union, Scotland is and always will be a whipping boy within it, the London parties cannot fucking help taking advantage because they know they can do so with impunity.

    And here we are, after a day of real sovereign power and 54% chuck it away...

    I'm going to have to stop lest I say something no less honest but altogether far too blunt.

    I've seen a couple of videos, one including clear Yes ballots in a no pile... Suspicious stuff. No doubt the press ill be right on-... Oh hold on...

    The duplicitous fuckers.

  5. Pa

    I have actually gotten strangely energised as the day has went on. I have made the decision that I am leaving the GMB union, they give money to labour so that is reason enough but they also came out against Indy so once back at work on Tuesday they are gone. Will cancel direct debit this weekend. The money I save is going to re-join the SNP or the SSP. I was seriously thinking ssp as it was time to get radical but again the more I think about it the more it maybe has to be the snp for myself in Dundee. Not sure but having nothing to do with the union movement I know that much and I will be joining a political party and I will make sure I have time to campaign against every liberal/tory and labour politician in my area next year. These bastards don't get away scot free, not if I have anything to do with it. Gloating NO voters can go f themselves as far as I am concerned. I am one of the 45 and very very proud. Will need to get a 45 badge made and a t-shirt.


  6. That's the spirit.

    Worst thing that can happen is we go back into our boxes, its exactly what they want us to do.

    Have at them!



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