Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Labour in 2015.

Lots of stuff in 'news' and 'current affairs' programs on the telly and radio about voting No then voting Labour.

Since Better Together/No Thanks/etc have pretty much lost the referendum campaign, they've decided to skip forward to the 2015 election campaign - some might say - a genius move, right up until you see the options...

I know - its not a fair representation - for balance, here's an image of the other option.

It goes with out saying - but I'll say it anyway. Cameron comes bundled with...

And in the interests of balance, Miliband will come bundled with...

If you're a Labour voter tempted to vote No next week then vote for Labour in 2015 - consider this. First of all, Labour might not win in 2015 at all, it would be worse than going back to square one. At best we'll get the Tories back with the Liberal Democrats as side kicks or at worst, some bastard mixture of the Tories and UKIP with added Boris Johnson daftness (1 min in to the video).) Does anyone believe Labour with Miliband at the wheel will attract enough votes to get a majority anyway - even with his 41 Scottish MP's? 

Given the 'success' of a No vote Darling and Brown will be ripe for a come back - it'll be the worst political/acid flashback ever. Would any political party - even the moribund Liberal Democrats - want to work with politicians who shunned them in 2010?

If you vote Yes? We have to assume the election in 2015 would be postponed - some emergency legislation? If it went ahead, how would it work? Would the Scottish electorate and the 41 Scottish Labour MP's be sidelined?

With a Yes vote, the worst that happens is; you vote Labour in the 2016 inaugural Independent Scottish general election and get Labour - possibly in coalition with the Liberal Democrats or dare I say it; Scottish Greens, or the SSP? All (crucially) working for you and not attracting votes in the middle and south of England for UK Labour. Heck, if you're really confident, Ed Miliband might win (sans his 41 Scottish Labour MP's) anyway and you might have a Labour Government South of the Border working with a Labour-led coalition north of the border.

As a staunch Labour voter, surely that's a better outcome than the Tories winning in 2015 on the bounce from a successful No vote and the SNP winning in Scotland because in the intervening time - despite Gordon Brown's recent ejaculations about a 'timetable' for further devolution: fuck all actually happened.

It wouldn't even be Gordon's fault, he's just a man with a message. If it happens as quickly as he claims - it'll be up to a Tory Government none of us voted for that we cannot get rid of to deliver.

You should read that last line again because that right there is the key reason why we all - regardless of what party we support - need a Yes Vote next Thursday.

I don't think any one knows what'll happen in 2015 - assuming the election goes ahead. 2010 was a fudge precisely because of the stagnant bog that is Westminster politics - none of the parties are attractive.

In 2016 though, you know Scotland will get a government that represents how people in Scotland voted - as opposed to how people in London and the home counties voted.

Every one eligible to vote in Scotland could vote Labour, but if only half of those eligible to vote in the South East of England voted Tory (for example) - in terms of No 10 Downing Street - Scottish votes become totally moot.

And finally, Unionist parties in their shock & panic are clamouring to make promises about further devolution and the velocity at which it'll be delivered. I'll bet my pound to your bucket of shite that the speed they're talking about won't be a trace of the speed at which their current enthusiasm to please the Scottish electorate will disappear if they get their No vote.


  1. I remember when the MPs got caught stealing.

    There was an election coming up.

    They fell over themselves to tell us that they would work together to eradicate this evil.

    Cameron threatened his people and Brown did the same. Probably for all I know Whatsit had a go at the wayward Liberals.

    The election came and went.

    New politics, with fewer MPs, fewer lords, right of recall, and very strict expenses regulation when MPs were treated like ordinary people, with receipts and stuff...

    But, after 4 years where are we?

    Still 650 MPs;
    Even more useless lords a sleeping;
    No right of recall;
    And MPs renting out their bought and paid for flats to someone else and claiming for rent on a new flat.

    In short they will promise you the earth and when you do what they want, they forget it all...

    There is always a reason. The Tories scuppered the Lords so the liberals scuppered the Commons, and they all scuppered the recall.

    They are a bunch of disreputable liars.

    Goodbye you corrupt B******s.

  2. Aye.

    Normally - in a general elections there is no choice, the pick the the least worst of a bad bunch.

    Here though, its completely different - you can reject the entire lot with two strokes of a pen.

    Its a no brainer.


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