Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Daily Record

You'll be familiar with the phrase: 'With friends like these, who needs enemies...' I think we can apply it to The Daily Record. Its not a paper I read on account of it being a total rag and a Labour supporting rag at that.

But just suppose (for a moment) that collectively, the paper thought it was doing Scotland a favour by punting this out:

Its safe to say, confirmed Yes voters saw that on the news stands (I doubt they bought a copy) and did a mass collective snort, I dare say many No voters looked at it with jaded eyes. On the day after the referendum when it became apparent the No's had it, it soon became apparent the vow - literally - wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

Today in The Record, an article (using the term very loosely) by the incredibly annoying Torcuil Crichton has this image at its head:

I'm definitely not going to link to it on account of Crichton being the anus of Scottish political journalism. Basically, since the record successfully saved Scotland from itself, its now taken it upon itself to hold David Cameron and the Tories to the vow they made. The question I'd ask is where was this trailer - suitable appended with Miliband's name - at last week's Labour Conference?

The Daily Record is Scottish Labour in print form. They're the prim, self-appointed protectors of Scotland - they have a brain cell each but if they rubbed them together they wouldn't find a third to catch fire. In the run up to the referendum, Scotland was the brave group of explorers boldly hacking its way through vines & creepers of misinformation in a jungle of Unionist lies. Just as the intrepid team cited its goal - a tribe of incredibly attractive and shamelessly promiscuous people (lets say) - The Daily Record pursed its lips, tutted, smacked us over the head and dragged us away for our own protection.

Put simply; The Daily Record and Labour are a liability in Scotland. They're attempting to re-align themselves with all of the Scottish electorate against David Cameron & Tory stupidity - ignoring entirely that it was never about party politics or left & right - it was and remains an intrinsic problem with UK governance. Meanwhile; we're expected to forget that it was Labour who championed 'The Vow' via the political shipwreck that is Gordon Brown.

There is no such thing as Scottish Labour - there is only British Labour; it is a fully paid up member of the British Establishment and the most important condition of membership is that affiliates never do anything to harm the Current State of Affairs - even if it means harming themselves.

Scotland needs rid of the current crop of London-led Labour politicians in Scotland - if we tried to list the many ways in which they are truly terrible for us, the rocks will have melted with the sun. As for the Daily Record, I'm happy for it to continue - as the internal magazine for the Orange Order - I mean, it probably isn't even good enough for that but on the off-chance it keeps Torcuil Crichton away from Things That Really Matter, we should probably compromise.


  1. Great piece about London Labour (Scotch Branch)

  2. It's unfair saying there's no Scottish Labour Party it's just that it has re-branded itself as The Scottish Labour and Unionist Party. :)

  3. Weird that the Record didn't criticise the comment a week ago from Miliband to the effect that they were concentrating on the poor of BRITAIN. That was the important thing now.

    It seemed to me that vows had been forgotten.

    The worry for them is that Brown was so passionate about all this. He promised as near as damn it, Federalism.

    He is Labour. He is an elder statesman. He promised. It appeared to work. He's credited, along with the vow, of saving Britain, and let's face it, that musta been a piece of piss after saving the world. Alistair couldn't do it, though.

    If nothing comes of it, where does that leave Brown, and do Labour wish to associate with him?

    And where is Darling?

  4. The Scottish Labour and Unionist Party... It has the ring of truth about it.


    You know that saying about not missing things until they are gone? Well I can't in anyway say that it is pertinent in terms of the now-absent Alistair Darling.

    Indeed, as with many Labour politicians, one of Darling's most endearing qualities is his absence.



  5. As my dad says... It's like when you stop banging your head against the wall...

  6. Pa

    I have always loathed the Daily Rangers and Union but their actions during the referendum debate were enough to ensure that I would rather use my hand than even that rag to wipe my arse.

    It has always been a bad paper and the mouthpiece of the Liebour movement, but even it stooped to new lows in the last year. I hear they put free copies all over the place and no one was taking them and they are even paying for adds and offers via twitter which smacks of desperation and very poor sales. Long may it continue.


  7. Aye Bruce.

    Its not a paper I ever bought, heavy on the football which isn't my thing and as you say a Labour mouth piece - so much so - it could be Labour or the OO's internal magazine.


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