Friday, 12 September 2014

The BBC's Nick Robinson.

If they're going to be biased, they could at least do us the courtesy of making an effort at subtlety

Nick's versions...

The reality...

You might not agree with it - but he did answer the question.

Sneaky Nick Robinson - the wee scamp.

These past few days have seen a final, last ditch concerted attempt to smear and scare. Standard Life, RBS and the others - who made similar statements months ago - decided to reiterate them, managing to time their various rehashed comments & press releases to coincide with the Westminster leader's visit this week.

But... But... But... They love us...


  1. What last vestige of credibility the BBC might have had disappeared with that.

    Salmond didn't just answer the question once; he answered it twice for the slow of thinking.

    And the BBC twisted and perverted it into something entirely different.

    According to Twitter they selectively edited out of a broadcast some ridiculous remarks by used to be Gorgeous but now a bit rough round the edges George Galloway about Nazis, which would have been embarrassing to the No campaign.

    Also according to Twitter, Robert Peston let out that Cameron had all the supermarket bosses round for eggs benedict (OK I made that bit up), but he had them round to Downing Street and begged them to make announcements about prices going up.

    Apparently Asda did, and consequently converted some people to YES along with losing a lot of customers.

    How they can possibly know what prices will be when there is no indication of the tax regime, is beyond my comprehension.

  2. Aye.

    This most recent effort wan't even trying.

    I read about Peston, of course its obvious when you think about it - any business for whom Westminster can do favours will have been canvassed for support.

    They're all a bunch shysters. Won't be using asda again either.

  3. Well looks like Primark for the clothes now but as it is a Spanish firm it will go nicely with the new bank account (Santander). Good old nature, when one door closes another opens and so it is with business. I am watching some of those so successful small business men and women cutting their proverbial throats by campaigning or voting NO, well they have ALL lost our business, Asda included.

  4. Pa

    I think they have jumped too early with the fear from the banks and the shops. If YES come out with anything new or say The Sun, rumours abound, come out for YES early next week then bitter together will have lost. I think they have lost anyway to be honest, it's tight but I really think it a slim yes. But if it were a no they have lost anyway as there will be hell to pay once the three tory party deliver the least enhanced devolution they can and people realise they have been sold a pig.


  5. Hi Helena.

    I have a wee bit more patience with the smaller business' that are supporting a No vote (nobody's perfect.) These big companies though... Not so much, I'll avoid Asda and the others as much as possible. Caving in to Westminster cajoling? Bunch of poltroons.

    That's a good point Bruce, I wonder if the Yes Campaign have been keeping their powder dry? Perhaps early next week we'll have our own media blitz... I've also been hearing/reading about rumours around The Sun maybe coming out for a Yes...

    I've stopped making predictions, I don't want to jinx anything, silly reason, but there it is.

    Its getting close though... I think Yes still has the momentum.


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